Mayor-JA embarrassment over selecting next deputy mayor of Peterborough City Council?


Sources at the Town Hall, tell us that there’s been a bit of an embarrassing rumour circulating the corridoors of Peterborough City Council, after the latest Tory Mayor elect (Cllr David Over) for 2014/15, decided to make a decision on who should be his deputy!

The alleged story goes a little something like this…….

Cllr Bella Saltmarsh (Liberal, Dogsthorpe) received notification that Cllr Over was happy for her to become his Deputy Mayor for 2014/15. Momentarily delighted, Cllr Saltmarsh then discovered she’d received the informal invite, ONLY after Cllr (Mrs) Fox (PIF, North Werrington) had earlier declined the invitation to become Deputy Mayor!

That said, it didn’t REALLY matter! In the end, Cllr Over, who normally sits happily occupying the Tory back bench flock, announced his plan at a meeting of other Tory councillors, only to be opposed!

The insecure Conservative party members, feared if their Tory Mayor was unable to attend an event, then the deputy, a member of another political group, would be substitute, allowing them to receive any kudos or possible media attention, something that did not sit well with them!

Therefore, in conclusion, the Deputy Mayor will ALSO be a Tory councillor again for 2014/15 …………….. with the Bookies favourite being Stanground East TORY – Cllr Chris Harper?

As always, we’ve no doubt this latest rumour is far, FAR, from the truth and such amateurish activity could and would of course not happen in the amazingly professional, and in no way nepotistic world, of Peterborough’s political centre, aka the Town Hall.

One thought on “Mayor-JA embarrassment over selecting next deputy mayor of Peterborough City Council?”

  • I think there should be a health warning issued with the appointment of the Deputy Mayor as Cllr Harper seems to have piled on a few stone, especially the face, perhaps his pet name Cllr Turnip isn’t too far off the mark! (Cllr Christopher John Harper spent £1,800 of Stanground East Community Leaders Funding on ‘Raised Vegetable Beds’ for infants at a LEA funded School of which he is a governor since then he has been referred to as Cllr Turnip ). As Stanground East is to be swallowed up and lumped in with Cardea to become South Stanground nearly all the Stanground East CLF money is being spent on the new estate… Cllr Turnip (CON) hopes to be elected ..

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