More done in last 5 than previous 40 years! Claims Cereste!

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Did you get to hear the interview with Cllr Marco Cereste on BBC Radio Cambs directly after the 2014 local election results?

It was certainly interesting, as he admitted to speaking with certain “other” councillors about enabling him to maintain his position as leader of the City Council – but which opposition councillors? – CERTAINLY none of the Lib Dems!

He also went on to make one of his classic claims, stating “Me, as leader of the Council, have done more in the last 5 years in our city then has happened in the last 40 years in our city!” – Doesn’t say much for the 5+ years prior to his election as Conservative group leader, when the Council was STILL run by the TORIES under the leadership of Cllr Peach?

He also could not resist a jab at Labour, confidently claiming “Labour were gonna sweep me aside!”

While, in respect to just 3 UKIP councillor getting elected, Cllr Cereste says, “It’ll be interesting to see how they get on?”

Perhaps, the best claim by Cereste, was the overtly PR/Spin comment regarding Peterborough as the fastest growing city in the UK! Technically, this is true and sounds like under Marco we are moving forward …………  BUT, as the article explains, the period looked at was 2002 to 2012, which means for 80% of that period, Cllr Cereste was NOT in charge, thus contradicting his own previous claim about us never having had it so good! 😉

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