New homes and jobs for Peterborough

New jobs and homes for Peterborough are on the cards following announcements in Parliament yesterday by Danny Alexander, the Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

Writing on the Liberal Democrat Voice website he says: “We will invest in our country’s economic future by creating balanced growth and delivering lasting prosperity. I have announced the most comprehensive, ambitious and long-lasting capital investment plans this country has ever known.  In doing so we are putting long term priorities before short term political pressures and we are ending the culture of short-termism that plagued so many of our predecessors.”

The £100 billion investment in infrastructure includes:

• The biggest public housing programme for over twenty years – 165,000 affordable homes over three years, a higher number of houses than Labour ever managed in 13 years in power.

• The largest programme of rail investment since Victorian times, including committing funding to High Speed 2 that will bring two-thirds of people in northern England within 2 hours of the capital.

Treasury video• The greatest investment in our roads since the 1970s, including resurfacing up to 3,700 lane miles of the national road network every year and providing nearly £6 billion over the next Parliament to local authorities to help them maintain the local road network.

• Unlocking massive investment in cleaner energy, to power our economy forwards by providing stability and certainty for investment in clean energy.

Danny Alexander said: “This is an ambitious long-term plan to build an infrastructure of which Britain can be proud, and in doing so help to build a stronger economy in a fairer society, where everyone can get on in life.”

Local Liberal Democrats in Peterborough have welcomed the investment commitments. New jobs, new homes and repairs to roads will all have a positive impact on local people.