NEW road collisions website shows nearly 1 fatal accident each month + 3 casualties every day on Peterborough Roads!

Road Safety

A new website launched by the Department for Transport detailing collisions presented at local authority level compared against residential population, road safety spend and traffic volumes between 2005 and 2011 – shows that for Peterborough and since 2005:

* An average of 3 casualties on Peterborough roads, occur each day!

* There are 11 fatalities each year.

* 110 serious casualties each month!

* In 2005, Peterborough City Council spent £465, 000 on Road Safety ……. in 2011, that more than doubled to £1,056,000

Check out even more details and figures for the Peterborough area by simply clicking here!

Commenting, Liberal Democrat city councillor, Darren Fower said:

“With the present Tory administration, local people can expect road safety to cost them more and more with every passing year, as the City Council consistently fails to encourage those that can, to use alternative modes of transport or incentivise them to at least try!

“Car ownership in Peterborough under the Tories has increased year on year, and therefore the cost of maintaining roads and ensuring safety, is costing millions and millions each and every year! Give the Council is so short of cash, you do wonder what they intend to do over the next couple of years?”