NHS locally could lose 331 EU staff because of Brexit

We face a £265m bill to re-hire doctors and nurses from the EU after 2019.

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust could lose 331 staff from the EU as a result of Theresa May’s extreme version of Brexit.

42% of nurses and over half of all doctors from the EU are considering leaving because of Brexit, according to recent research.

This means in our area, an estimated 331 NHS staff are at risk of leaving including 49 doctors and 148 nurses.

This would create a bill of hundreds of thousands of £’s to re-hire doctors and nurses from the EU after 2019, due to Theresa May’s plans for a £2000 immigration skills charge for each doctor, nurse and health worker brought in from abroad.

The Liberal Democrats have called for an immediate guarantee that all EU nationals in the UK, including those working in the NHS and social care, can stay after Brexit.

Hospitals in Peterborough depend on doctors, nurses and other support staff from the EU.

But many are now planning to leave because of the uncertainty caused by Brexit.

We must guarantee their rights to stay here immediately to prevent a damaging exodus of these skilled and hard-working people. Our NHS, and the care we all rely on, would suffer without them.

The NHS is far too precious to be damaged by Theresa May’s decision to pursue a UKIP-style Brexit.

Along with colleagues, I’ve campaigned, petitioned and called for assurances for the NHS locally!

  1. More than half (55.6%) of the 10,000 doctors from the EU working in the NHS are now considering leaving the UK because of the referendum result, according to a survey conducted by the General Medical Council (link)
  2. Survey data suggests that up to 26,500 members of NHS staff from the EU could leave the UK as a result of Brexit (link)
  3. Full figures on the number EU nationals by local NHS trust and estimates of those considering leaving the UK because of Brexit can be found here!