Peterborough Labour Party in disarray …….. and it could get worse!

Ahead of the local elections this year, Peterborough’s Labour Party talked about taking control of the Council from the Tories!

Since then, there’s been quite a bit happening within the trenches of the Peterborough Labour party! Such as ………..

  • Just one day after the elections, the Labour candidate, who just missed out on deposing at least ONE Tory councillor from the safest conservative seat in the City, wrote on his blog, that the electoral failure “..lay at the door of the local leadership and specifically at the door of Group Leader Nazim Khan is serious organisational failings.” Citing the “fiasco over Executive Pay, where the Group Leader wasn’t present at the meeting that decided this and did not brief anybody else…”
  • Days later the same Labour Candidate wrote a blog article entitled, “Why I am leaving the Labour Party….”
  • Then Cllr Ed Murphy, former Parliamentary and Police Commissioner candidate, tried to depose Cllr Khan as group leader of the Labour Party Council Group, but failed after securing only 3 votes of support, or at least that’s what the leaked letter below stated!!

  • Then came the resignation from the Labour party, of Cllr John Knowles (see below), who these days represents Paston Ward after winning in 2012 by JUST 9 votes! – BUT will now stand as an “Independent!


  • Now Nicola Day-Dempsey, who just missed out on election to former leader of the City Council, John Peach, in Park Ward during the 2012 local election, but was not the candidate in 2014 and stood in the Paston ward instead, has allegedly left the local crew? Despite missing out by only 111 votes and knocking the Tories  into 3rd place – word is she has left the city, taking up a new teaching role outside of Peterborough?
  • Then of course came the interview on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire with Cllr Nazim Khan ………………… its really worth pressing the PLAY button below!

Other bits:

  • The Peterborough Labour Party used to have their own Facebook page and website ……… but these have now been replaced by pages solely to promote their prospective parliamentary candidate Lisa Forbes – surely other members have something to say??
  • At the national level, the Labour Party in Peterborough, has seen its share of the parliamentary vote drop by 10% from 14624 in 2005 to 13,272 in 2010.