Peterborough needs an integrated transport policy

East Coast train

An integrated transport policy should give as much weight to rail as to roads.

“We need a city council that has higher ambitions for our city than just a ‘dormitory with warehouses’ and part of that must be to improve all our transport links” says Peterborough Liberal Democrat vice chairman Peter Chivall in a recent article in the Peterborough Telegraph.

Local Liberal Democrats support many aspects of the strategic economic plan published earlier this year by the  Local Enterprise Partnership. The transport section of that plan included promotion of roads improvements but it gave equal weight to the need to improve our rail links, both on the East Coast Main line and cross country to Ely, Ipswich and Cambridge.

In the context of ‘expansion beyond Cambridge of technology businesses’ it promoted improved services to Peterborough and the North from Cambridge and Stansted Airport by increasing the speed and frequency of trains across the Fens.

Cutting the rail travel time to Cambridge from the current hour or so to just 35 minutes could encourage some high technology firms to expand outside their currently overcrowded locations in and around Cambridge and see Peterborough as a suitable place to relocate or expand – bringing their highly paid, high skill jobs with them.