Petition LAUNCHED to oppose Tory plans to BAN cycles from Bridge Street on a Sunday! @SustransPBoro


The Conservative controlled City Council in Peterborough have recently announced they are looking to extend the cycling ban along Bridge Street, in Peterborough City Centre.

In their media release the Council talks about protecting pedestrians, with the Cabinet member for City Centre Management, stated that cyclists should “…..dismount and push their bikes along Bridge Street…….”

In response, Liberal Democrat, Darren Fower has launched a campaign opposing the idea!


Commenting, Liberal Democrat city councillor, Darren Fower, said:

“I launched the campaign after being contacted by several local people, who said they could not see any sense in it? Some of them are cyclists, but some are not!

“I must admit that, given the complete inability to enforce the present set up, extending it seems nonsensical, which is why I previously campaigned for a common sense approach, by introducing a cycle lane. Despite the campaign receiving hundreds of supporters and me presenting the petition to the Tory’s at a Full Council meeting, nothing happened!

“I’ve also been told by one or two people at the Town Hall, that Marco’s not a fan of cyclists after an incident occurred involving his son? Whether this is true or not, I can’t help but feel there’s almost a personal grudge against local cyclists, who he may like to remember are also the local electorate!

“I also think some city councillors should remember that not everyone has the luxury of parking for FREE at the back of the Town Hall?”

There has also been claims by some that the plan is part of the cafe culture that the Cereste crew want to see introduced along this stretch, and that cyclists/cycling is therefore a potential hindrance to such a set up? Makes you wonder if some of these people have ever been out of the city?


Commenting on the issue, one local resident added:

“Can the supporters of the ban please ask themselves this simple question; what is it for? Because there has never been a injury caused to a pedestrian by a cyclist on Bridge Street. I have checked with the police. So it is pure bigotry.

“If a proper, kerbed cycleway were provided through a pedestrianized area, we’d get used to it within weeks and wonder what all the fuss is about.

“Cyclists mix with pedestrians in much more crowded cities than ours: Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, etc. So why can’t Peterborough join them as a modern city promoting cycling.”

If you agree and want to add your support to the campaign please touch/click the button below! And of course please do post a comment below this article!


— SustransPeterborough (@SustransPBoro) August 2, 2014