Petition to Peterborough City Council: “Introduce a dedicated cycle lane along Bridge Street”

Peterborough City Council claims it wants more people to cycle, yet the Leader, Marco Cereste says people DO NOT WANT a cycle lane along Bridge Street?

The petition has been led by Lib Dem city councillor, Darren Fower who said:

“A cycle lane WOULD increase safety, enable continuous cycling, allow police to concentrate on more pressing matters, remove the need for silly signs and prove Peterborough can emulate other leading cities in the UK who have managed to integrate cycle lanes throughout their centres.”

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3 thoughts on “Petition to Peterborough City Council: “Introduce a dedicated cycle lane along Bridge Street”

  • It may improve safety for a few, but it would make it very difficult for a disabled wheelchair user with poor eyesight (like my brother) to navigate Bridge Street which is already difficult enough due to the sheer volume of people, outdoor cafes, trees, benches and currently (albeit temporarily) construction workers and traffic.

  • Excellent idea, Peterborough would really benefit from making this through route viable for cyclists all the time – as it is in the early mornings, evenings and on Sundays.

  • Many years ago I worked at Aqua House on the town bridge and my cycle route included Bridge Street. One morning I was stopped by a policeman at two minutes past nine and was told that they were having a ‘special day’ of fining anyone caught cycling down Bridge Street between 9am and 5pm. Obviously I tried to appeal to his better nature since I was only 2 minutes over to curfew and there were no pedestrians yet. Unfortunately this got me nowhere and I ended up with a £50 fine which was a lot of money to me back then. This campaign was for one morning only and by lunchtime, when the street was actually full of pedestrians, there wasn’t a policeman to be seen and inconsiderate cyclists were merrily weaving in and out of the crowds once more. It’s time this city started to prove it’s environmental credentials and stop penalising those of us who are doing our bit to save the planet.

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