“Promise made, Promise kept – £700 off your tax bill” – 7k Peterborough people removed from paying income tax!


FACT: 6,910 Peterborough people HAVE been removed from paying income tax altogether! 77,100 have received a cut in their income tax paid!

“The announcement that the Income Tax Personal Allowance will rise to £10,000, confirmed in the Budget, means the Liberal Democrats’ top priority at the 2010 General Election has been delivered in full by the Coalition Government.”

It means:

· A £700 tax cut for 24.5m working people across the UK since the Liberal Democrats came to power.

· 2.7m low paid workers will no longer pay Income Tax at all.

· For the average family, we have cut the Income Tax bill by a third.

· It is enough for a working couple to pay their council tax or combined gas and electricity bills for a year.

· The Coalition commitment to raise the threshold to £10,000 by 2015 will be achieved a year early, in April 2014.

Commenting, local LIB DEM city councillor, Darren Fower said:

“Letting you keep more of the money you earn is a key part of the LIB DEM’s plan to build a stronger economy in a fairer society, enabling everyone to get on in life.

“The success of the Liberal Democrats in delivering fairer taxes is in stark contrast to record of the Labour Party. In Government, Labour increased tax on low income households; in Government the Liberal Democrats have led the largest programme of tax cuts for working people for a generation.

“PLUS, after the next election – LIB DEMs want to do EVEN MORE! They want to introduce a scheme where you don’t pay Income Tax until you earn more than the minimum wage!

“That is the sign of a fair tax party. Today we should celebrate the fact that this Budget is getting real help to millions of working people at a time when they need it most.”