#RunawayHorses : Update

Do you live in Gunthorpe, Drive through Gunthorpe or Live Locally? 

Have you noticed the Mischievous Horses that keep escaping on to Manor Drive and Paston Parkway?

You may have seen my previous posts in regards to the #RunawayHorses. Whilst out and about in the ward last year I was stunned to find a Horse wandering around on Paston Parkway towards the centre of the Gunthorpe Roundabout ( You can read the original post on my Facebook Page or Blog by looking for #RunawayHorses).

Luckily on this occasion along with other residents I managed to bring the Horse to safety and reunite the Horse with it’s owner. However unfortunately, even though the owner had assured the Field where the horses were kept would be secured…the Horses still managed to escape. This was of course reported to Peterborough City Council.

Over the next couple of months I was contacted by several residents reporting waking up to horses in their front gardens ( In Manor Drive) and eventually early this month I was contacted by another Local resident who owns Horses themselves; expressing their concerns as the Horses had escaped onto the A47.


I re-reported this to Peterborough City Council for URGENT ATTENTION. Council Officers visited the same afternoon.

Eventually after some investigations I received the following response from the Prevention and Enforcement Service Officer (Road Safety).

“We are in the process of determining ownership so that the request can be made to the owners to ensure that the horses are grazed on secure land.  The problem of them escaping will also be raised with the owners so that they are aware of the dangers posed to road users.We are also looking into the land ownership side through Land Registry documents so that the owners of the land are requested to secure the land which is currently being grazed on.”

I will be kept updated and hopefully this issue will soon be dealt with and there will be no more #RunawayHorses but again in the meantime please be extra vigilant.