Save Our Local Libraries

Conservative plans to slash the library budget have put libraries across Peterborough at risk.
Proposals passed earlier this month by Conservative councillors sees the budget, which operates libraries, museums and leisure centres, cut by £1.4 million, over 50% of its previous level.
Worse still, the Conservatives want to see these services run at zero cost to the council. This can only mean one thing down the line: more cuts.
The Conservatives say they will undertake a review to remodel and modernise our library services to secure its long term future, but this is just another way of saying they’ll cut the service back to the bone.
Cllr Christian Hogg said: “When you slash the libraries budget like the Conservatives have no amount of “remodelling” can protect our community libraries. Especially when a high percentage of the budget goes to Central Library.“

“As a child, I loved going to Stanground Library with my grandparents,” said Community Campaigner Jade Seager.
“It’s one of the places where I learned the love of books, which eventually led me to become a teaching assistant and, in turn, helping a new generation to love reading.
“Today, you don’t need to spend much time at a library to realise how much people in our community rely on its services.
“From providing internet access to printing our libraries have become a place which is more than somewhere people go to collect there latest read.
“Of course, the Lib Dems want to enhance, not close, our libraries. However we believe that more needs to be done to turn them into community hubs. We want to see events like comedy nights or community cinema happening on a regular basis.
“For Christian and I, it’s vital that we protect a permanent library presence in both Woodston and Stanground.
“Christian, as our local councillor, has already written to the Conservative leader of the Council to ask for a commitment to protect both our libraries. But sadly, as yet, he has not received a reply.
“That’s why today we’re launching a campaign to save our libraries.
“A few years ago, local residents showed their strength of protecting Tenter Hill Meadow for the future generation. Now we need to the same again over libraries.”
Join our campaign
To join the campaign, visit and sign up today.
“Your support could be the difference between us stopping these uncaring and ill-thought-out Conservative cuts,” said local mum Jade Seager.
Adding, “We know this will be a tough fight, so we’d be really grateful if you could take a minute or two to sign the Save our Libraries petition today.

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