St George’s Community Hydrotherapy Pool

St Georges Community Hydrotherapy Pool 

Back in December I was lucky enough to be asked to visit St George’s Community Hydrotherapy Pool by the lovely Karen Oldale. I of course graciously accepted this invitation.

Upon my visit, I invited a fellow Liberal Democrat to accompany me. Although I had family members that had made use of the pool through their careers; I hadn’t visited myself before. When we arrived we were very warmly welcomed by the whole team and were provided with Lovely Blue Shoe Covers (Ha Ha). We were then taken on a tour by the Lovely Robert and Karen who explained the ins and outs of the pool!

THE POOL (Information From ) 
“St George’s is a fully accessible community hydrotherapy pool with a spa facility.”

“The warm supportive waters of our hydrotherapy pool can benefit children and adults with a wide range of disabilities or long-term health conditions.  It can also assist rehabilitation from surgery or an injury.  In addition, St George’s offers valuable relaxation and leisure time for those with learning and physical disabilities.”

“Our friendly community pool is open to and welcomes anyone in Peterborough and the surrounding area, including family members and carers.”

“Since opening in March 2011, St George’s has helped over 3000 local people by providing pain relief, health improvements and freedom from isolation. ”

WHAT IS HYDROTHERAPY? (information from

“Hydrotherapy (aquatic physiotherapy) provides a warm, relaxed atmosphere for treating chronic and acute conditions. The water temperature of between 32°C and 36°C provides the optimum temperature for muscle relaxation. This helps to decrease pain, increase range of movement and increase muscle activity. The buoyancy of the water enables movement to be either assisted or resisted and allows for more fluid movements. The aim is to gain flexibility of joints, strengthen muscles and enhance core stability to restore or improve function.” Please Visit The Pools Website For More Information: Click Here.


I only have positive things to say about the pool and cannot promote or encourage people to visit enough. The entire team work so closely together to maintain the fantastic, warm and inviting environment that is the hydrotherapy pool. Every single member of staff is friendly, welcoming and hard working but most importantly genuine and this shows.Along with the fantastic benefits to your health from the pool;I personally cannot put into words what a lovely environment the pool setting is and this is 100% the staff that make this happen. We both thoroughly enjoyed our visit and everything we learned whilst visiting. We both agree we met some very lovely people and we loved the fashion accessories of the Blue Covers!  Every single member greeted us both with a warm smile and fantastic conversation and we cannot wait to return with our colleagues in the near future.

I personally would like to take this opportunity to thank EVERYBODY at the pool for our fantastic visit and for working so hard to maintain this!

Please Click Here for more information regarding St George’s Hydrotherapy Pool and to view their latest newsletter Click Here

Kind Regards 
Councillor Andrew Bond.