Stop ‘the brown bin tax’ – say local LIB DEMS!


Lib Dem campaigners had members of the public running up to their stall in Cathedral Square on Saturday 1st March, as their petition to “Save our *free* Brown Bins” proved very popular.

Even Peterborough residents without gardens who don’t use the brown bins, and those who could afford to pay the annual charge the Tory-led administration want to impose, still really want the Council to keep Free Brown Bins for everyone – they want to maximize composting of garden waste and to invest in our environment.

Perversely, Peterborough City Council wants to save money on Brown bin collections in their Budget for 2014/15, but these so-called savings could disappear if the effect is that people put their compostable waste into their free Black bin instead – creating more landfill, for which the Council may be surcharged.

Not to mention that we should be minimising landfill anyway, especially as an Environment City.

Many Peterborough residents and tourists told us they’d rather not risk fly tipping of compostables by people who find it hard to pay, and many were happy to pay more Council Tax rather than have less green, less neighbourly bin collections from those who can afford it (and whoever else manages to add stuff to their Brown bins).

Lib Dem Councillors will be presenting our petition on 5 March to invite the Council to reconsider this unfair, ungreen and short-sighted proposal.

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