Liberal Democrat City Councillors at the Town Hall

A message from the leader of the City Council’s Lib Dem group!

You may have already read the comment of Cllr Nick Sandford, in the Telegraph’s Speakers Corner? If not, here’s what he had to say: This year the city council has been more open in its budget making process. The scale of the problem is huge… £25 million of savings are needed in the next financial year alone. Difficult decisions and choices have to be made. It is still very much a budget of and by the ruling Conservative cabinet and one which reflects their priorities but Opposition councillors have been kept informed at every stage of the budget process. Lib Dems have tried to play a positive role in the[…]

Pay rise development “…will prove to be entirely cosmetic.”

The latest reports in the local media that claim that the Tory controlled City Council have indicated that the issue of the controversial decision of theirs, to award MASSIVE pay rises to a select few of senior council officers, could be subjected to a review in the near future, has been described by Liberal Democrat group leader Cllr Nick Sandford as “entirely cosmetic.” Nick went on to say, “It will not result in a reduction in anyone’s salary. These salary increases are absolutely appalling in the current economic times.” Listen to Nick’s interview on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire by simply pressing the play button below! listen to ‘Lib Dems WALK-OUT in PAY RISE[…]

Walton Liberal Democrat councillor joins 20mph limit group!

Walton Liberal Democrat councillor Asif Shaheed is now part of a council group looking at introducing 20 mph speed limits across Peterborough’s residential areas. Ironically, three days prior to the first meeting, Asif became the victim of a “hit and run” incident when his car was hit while parked outside his house. The guilty driver did not stop and leave his details. “This incident only increases my ambition that the group should be successful in our quest. “There could have been someone crossing the road and the outcome could have been much more serious due to a driver’s lack of attention and care. And to not stop and admit their[…]

Traffic danger in Walton

At a recent ‘ward surgery’ Local Lib Dem councillor Asif Shaheed was visited by local residents concerned about the dangerous actions of drivers and cyclists on Lincoln Road between Mountsteven Avenue and the Rhubarb Bridge roundabout. Firstly, cyclists are riding on the pavement on that stretch of road heading into town and, should someone be exiting from one of the properties situated along there, there is a real probability of serious injury. Asif said: “Could we ask all cyclists to either cycle on the road or use the designated cycle path on the other side of the dual carriageway?” Secondly, some drivers heading out of the city are actually performing[…]

Walton FOCUS team support Hydrotherapy pool

Local Lib Dem councillor for the Walton ward, Asif Shaheed recently visited St. George’s Community Hydrotherapy Pool, having being contacted by local resident, Mrs Smeeton, about possible funding via the Community Leadership Fund. Asif said: “There are around 40 Walton residents who use the facility. It is also regularly used by local nurseries and schools. “Having witnessed first-hand the invaluable service that it provides, and because for some unknown reason it is not centrally funded, Walton’s other Lib Dem councillor Nick Sandford and I were happy to provide funding to help towardssecuring its future.”