Well done to ALL our candidates! Here’s our election digest ……..

There’s a lot of talk in the media about UKIP after the 2014 local elections in Peterborough, after they managed to get 3 councillors elected.  BUT, you might like to know that the we managed to get two city councillors elected and also stood in several other wards around the city. We received a total of 2396 votes from people in Peterborough. The average vote received by Liberal Democrat candidates was 400 votes. Our highest amount of votes received for a canddiate was Darren Fower in Werrington South, who got 1174 votes. We got councillors elected to Werrington South and Walton. Our council group is bigger than the Liberals and[…]

Could #BrettonNorth TORY councillor “RE-LOCATE” to safer seat ahead of May elections?

The corridors of power at the Town Hall are often awash with murmurings and rumour and sometimes, such slips prove to be correct – other times they do not! But one that is doing the rounds at the moment relates to North Bretton councillor, Mr Fitzgerald, who some think is eyeing up a move from the unsafe North Bretton electoral seat, to somewhere nearer to where he lives that’s far more Tory-friendly …….. somewhere like Orton Longueville or West Ward! Just a few years ago the Tories held ALL three council seats in North Bretton. In 2010, Cllr Fitzgerald was elected, but only just, beating his nearest rival by just[…]