Independent Group Leader attempts to separate himself from colleague Cllr Swift’s comments!

It seems that the majority of people in Peterborough are opposed to the Tory controlled City Council’s decision to award significant pay rises to a select few of senior council officers? It also seems that in relation to the issue, there’s now a divide amongst the self titled, Peterborough Independent Forum (PIF) political group on the Council, as their leader, Cllr Harrington, sent out a message to fellow councillors disassociating himself with recent comments made by fellow group member Cllr Swift, during a recent interview on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire. You can listen to the interview below! listen to ‘”We ARE in it altogether!” – Cllr Charles Swift’ on Audioboo After[…]

Councillor emails being blocked by ‘by unseen hands’ ?????

A recent posting on, arguably Peterborough’s most popular blog the Peterborough Tribune reports that the ex-Tory  and now “independent” councillor for Bretton South has stated on his Facebook account that: “Be aware that attempts are being made to block ‘The Tribune’ from being circulated to all councillors. Strikes me that in a lot of cases the truth hurts.” Commenting on the claim, local Lib Dem councillor Darren Fower said: “There’s definitely been calls from certain Conservative councillors to have the emails from the Park Farm Blog halted, something I myself am completely opposed to – bottom line is, that I for one would prefer to decided what I receive and what[…]