Stop ‘the brown bin tax’ – say local LIB DEMS!

Lib Dem campaigners had members of the public running up to their stall in Cathedral Square on Saturday 1st March, as their petition to “Save our *free* Brown Bins” proved very popular. Even Peterborough residents without gardens who don’t use the brown bins, and those who could afford to pay the annual charge the Tory-led administration want to impose, still really want the Council to keep Free Brown Bins for everyone – they want to maximize composting of garden waste and to invest in our environment. Perversely, Peterborough City Council wants to save money on Brown bin collections in their Budget for 2014/15, but these so-called savings could disappear if the effect is that people put their compostable waste into their free Black bin instead – creating[…]

How Costly Was Park Ward for the Tories?

Ahead of this years local elections, Tories were said to be fretting over the safety of former Council Leader, John Peach’s Park Ward seat, as he faced competition from Labour, who last year secured a surprised victory in this area! One muttering a lot of our guys and girls heard from Tory candidates during Thursday 3rd May elections, was that they were not receiving any support, giving the impression that resources and activists were being concentrated on the Park Ward area, leaving wards like Walton, North Werrington, South Werrington & North Gunthorpe and Paston Tories to……. actually have to manage their own campaigns! #SHOCK HORROR! Left to their own devices[…]