Dog on Dog Incident

Dog owners should be responsible people,  they should have complete control of their dogs when they are around  out in the community; around other dogs, children, adults and Posties. Dogs are instinctively dangerous and their owners have a part to play in the dog’s behaviour. 25% of all households now own a dog, so how much can we trust them? The message I want to get out there is that I am asking this council to educate all dog owners. Peterborough should have a dedicated specialist, someone to deal with cases as they arise. Vets, Police, owners and Peterborough City Council could look at introducing a fixed penalties for dogs that[…]

Fraud & Coercion

Evidence of an increase in exploitation of migrants in Peterborough, where unscrupulous, employers, exploiting vulnerable new arrivals to the area by isolating them from the local community and controlling them by providing over-crowded housing and transport to work in the fast food industry These victims then gain very little in return for their labour and the traffickers take a large      proportion of the wages and sometimes passports in return. Workers then often ended up in debt to the rouge Bosses giving them more leverage over the exploited workers and their money, and are often used to perpetrate fraud. Most recently convictions and arrests made relating to exploitation and trafficking in[…]

Has the Theatre been SOLD

  A decision on whether to give planning permission to convert the Broadway Theatre into 67 apartments has been delayed.   Why? More money is being asked for or as the building already been SOLD A new decision date has not yet been decided. The application includes proposals for two retail units and car parking spaces, The future of the iconic theatre on Broadway remains uncertain.  

Gas Escape

Footpath leading from Fulbridge Road to Aster Drive, during recent weeks had issues with a strong smell of Gas, the National Grid has been investigating the area which is now cordoned off. There is plenty of information boards advising pedestrians to not smoke on entering this footpath during the day, the information notices can be seen but during the late evening/ night the visibility of the notices is poor due to lack of  adequate lightning we have reported the need for good lighting to this location to date so far this is still a issue, I will address the lighting situation again with Peterborough City Council. To view a map[…]

Rogue Meat from company in #HamptonVale

Dutch Bangla Direct Ltd  are accused of selling over 100 tonnes of the low-cost white meat to takeaways and shops. A court heard the con-trick netted the now defunct meat wholesaler company a whopping £250,000 in profit. Trading Standards discovered the alleged fraud during an investigation into the national horse meat scandal in 2013. The firm’s boss Mahmudur Rohman, (46), of Rothbart Way, Peterborough has now gone on trial with three other men at Leicester Crown Court. How can a company be hoodwinked into believing Turkey is lamb? to bulk up the quantity the supplier as come up with what they thought was a a solution to not only reduce[…]