More done in last 5 than previous 40 years! Claims Cereste!

Did you get to hear the interview with Cllr Marco Cereste on BBC Radio Cambs directly after the 2014 local election results? It was certainly interesting, as he admitted to speaking with certain “other” councillors about enabling him to maintain his position as leader of the City Council – but which opposition councillors? – CERTAINLY none of the Lib Dems! He also went on to make one of his classic claims, stating “Me, as leader of the Council, have done more in the last 5 years in our city then has happened in the last 40 years in our city!” – Doesn’t say much for the 5+ years prior to his[…]

Watch local Lib Dem group leaders explain why they opposed Cereste “coup” at Council

At the latest Annual Council meeting, an attempt was made by Cllr David Harrington (Indp, Newborough) and leader of the Peterborough Independent Forum (which now includes 3 UKIP councillors) to oust Tory leader Cllr Cereste, through a formal motion to the Council at the town hall. The best bit was, the intention to replace Cllr Cereste with ………… himself! The attempt FAILED with 32 councillors voting against the motion, 14 supporting it and 10 abstained from voting. ALL four Lib Dem city councillors voted against the motion! You can watch what Cllr Nick Sandford, group leader of the Peterborough Liberal Democrats council group, had to say on the matter by[…]

Q: Do YOUR solar panels make money or not? #SimpleQuestion @BBCCambs

Emails are presently flying about between Peterborough City Councillors, looking to establish whether or not the Solar Panels on the Freemans Building actually do make money or not? It seems that a a recent meeting of the Audit committee, elected members were told the solar panels on the Freemans building “…had not yet produced any income whatsoever. Also, the council are contemplating taking legal action against the installing contractor.” However, just a few days ago at a meeting organised by BBC Radio Cambs and held at the Copeland Community Centre, leader of the Tory controlled City Council, Cllr Cereste made a conflicting statement, claiming that “..the Freemans project was in fact earning money.” Now[…]