Tory Cabinet MEMBER criticizes local Newspaper for asking question! @PeterboroughTel

Seemingly NOT content with being on holiday or avoiding one of the most topical Full Council meetings in the past few years, newly elected Tory Cllr Fitzgerald, has now ATTACKED one of the LAST remaining city based local media! The Telegrapgh’s Paul Grinnell, simply trying to ascertain the Tory councillors position on the hot topic of Conservative Leader Marco Cereste, ended up consistently repeating his question, while receiving a barrage of negative tweets from the well paid representative of West Ward – God only knows what the local Conservative club will think!? In a TERRIBLE attempt to sound clever, Cllr Wayne Fitzgerald responded with the answer “with my hand” – when[…]

Could #BrettonNorth TORY councillor “RE-LOCATE” to safer seat ahead of May elections?

The corridors of power at the Town Hall are often awash with murmurings and rumour and sometimes, such slips prove to be correct – other times they do not! But one that is doing the rounds at the moment relates to North Bretton councillor, Mr Fitzgerald, who some think is eyeing up a move from the unsafe North Bretton electoral seat, to somewhere nearer to where he lives that’s far more Tory-friendly …….. somewhere like Orton Longueville or West Ward! Just a few years ago the Tories held ALL three council seats in North Bretton. In 2010, Cllr Fitzgerald was elected, but only just, beating his nearest rival by just[…]