Hundreds of #Peterborough residents call for Council to #ScrapTheMayorsCar

Just in case anyone had forgotten, allow me to remind you what the Conservatives nationally and locallyhave been saying for several months now, after each and every austerity action, that “we are all in this together!” But, are we really? You can add YOUR support to the on-line campaign by VISITING HERE! The Tories at the Town Hall have recently awarded themselves a brand new jag for their ex-Leader and now Mayor, Cllr John Peach. It’s costing thousands of pounds a year to have (not including petrol or staff time), but luckily, the local Conservatives do not have to pay for it, thankfully that’s all covered for by the goodo[…]

Tory in-house fighting continues! This time over HARD-FI performance in Central Park

Recently it was announced that well known music band Hard-Fi would be this year’s headline act for the Peterborough Festival and would therefore be performing on July 7th in Central Park! Subsequently, Enterprise Peterborough have just applied to the local authority to increase Central Park’s legal capacity limit to 14,999 – as interest in the event grows! Many people appear to think this event could prove a real success – but one local Tory ward councillor doesn’t agree! Claiming the organisation who own Central Park, “are being a little bit greedy.” As a result, loyal Tory puppy, and the MP for Peterborough has taken to his twitter account, to ask “Can Central Park accommodate 15000[…]