Latvian lady creates major setback for UKIP in EU Parliament

It would seem something of a political seesaw has occurred, with UKIP announcing daily they’re the saviours of British politics, yet in Europe, they been dealt a bit of a blow! Constitutionally political groupings in Brussels need to have at least 25 MEP’s from 7 countries to be formally recognised as a political group! So for example, the European Conservatives and Reformist Group aka ECR, includes the Conservative Party. But the group that UKIP are a member of, The Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy Group – EFDD, has been dealt a major blow, after Latvian Farmers Union MEP, Iveta Grigule, announced she had resigned from the group. The dissolution[…]

Why are local Lib Dems not backing move to remove Marco?

Newly–Elected Leader of Peterborough Liberal Democrats, Cllr Nick Sandford explains: “A lot has been made of the fact that the Conservatives are no longer in majority control of Peterborough City Council. That needs to be reflected in the governance structures which the Council adopts. As Lib Dems have long argued we need a more consensual approach and one in which decisions are made in public and can be challenged at the time they are made and not weeks later. That necessitates in our view the scrapping of the current Leader and Cabinet model and replacement of it with a system of decision making committees. “The Localism Act passed by the Coalition Government gives us that choice and it is one which[…]