A Bus Guide to help you get in and Around Peterborough

  Lib Dems Secure New Bus Services For Gunthorpe In 2013,  the Tory controlled city council made devastating cuts in local bus services,  cutting public transport subsidy in half. Lib Dem councillors have been arguing strongly for restoration of some of the cuts and earlier this year it was agreed that an additional £150,000 a year could be found to fund bus service improvements.  After a long delay, the new services finally started on 3 October. There are early morning and evening services to the Fengate area for people who work there and also for people wanting to get to entertainment facilities such as the Greyhound Stadium and the Showcase Cinema. In our[…]

Would Your Organisation Like Some Cash

If your community organisation/group/idea is located or benefits local people in the electoral ward of Gunthorpe, then I’d like to hear from you! “The purpose of the Community Leadership Fund is to enable elected members seek support for projects that will have positive impacts on projects within their wards.” – PCC What is the Community Leadership Fund? Each Councillor has been allocated £1,000 to spend in the financial year on neighbourhood projects. Any amounts requested from £50 up to a £1000 To see some Examples of Community Leadership Fund projects, Each ward Councillor is allocated £1,000 to spend each year on neighbourhood projects. For examples of Community Leadership Fund (CLF) projects please[…]

Road Traffic Works To Be Carried Out

Uffington Road Barnack Peterborough (Temporary Prohibition of Through Traffic Order 2017)   Notice is given that the Council of the City of Peterborough intends in not less than seven days to make an Order pursuant to section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984, the effect of which is to stop any vehicle from proceeding along the road known as Uffington Road Barnack Peterborough as lies between points 10 metres either side of the Uffington Level Crossing. The Council is satisfied that traffic should be prohibited due to works being proposed to be executed on the above road. The alternative route for vehicles affected by this order is via[…]

Are you experiencing Anxiety, feeling Alone

 Are you struggling with Christmas, tomorrow for the majority of people, is all about gathering of families, friends,enjoying each others company even watching the Queens speech on Xmas Day. But for some this is so far from the Truth, Please be mindful of those who are on there own, and for those who are troubled, with worry and wishing this time of year was not happening. Are you wanting to hide away from people,do you feel like you cant get out of bed, or the arm chair are you feeling stressed, and frustrated, feeling that everything is too much or you cant cope. Is there someone elderly living close by[…]

We will see the lease for St Michael’s Gate ……..

Following months of campaigning on the issue of St Micheal’s Gate,  Parnwell, i recently asked the council if i could see the unedited version of the lease signed with Stef and Philips in order to clarify the detail surrounding this lucrative scheme. At the most recent meeting at Full Council i again stood up and formerly requested that this document should be shared with me and my colleagues. I was assured by Senior Council Officers , that the information would be made available to me within a few days. After well over a week  this information has still not been provided. With that in mind myself and colleague paid a visit[…]