Lib Dem councillors oppose Tory controlled Council’s budget plans!

At the latest budget meeting at the Town Hall, Lib Dem council group leader, Nick Sandford,  said his party have consistently opposed the Tory plans to close (or “redesignate”) children’s centres. Lib Dems have  consistently supported moves to review the policy and look at alternatives. “We think this Tory policy shows they have the wrong priorities and are making the wrong choices,” Nick said.  “They would rather handover £2.2 million to their contractor Amey for grass and tree cutting, rather than spend half of that on keeping children’s centres open.  We are paying over £100,000 a year to some senior officers and big special responsibility payments to cabinet members but they[…]

#Tory #Council plans 2 remove even more cycle racks from the City Centre!!?? @SustransPBoro

As reported in the Peterborough Telegraph the Conservative controlled City Council has announced plans to “transform” Long Causeway which would see further bike parking facilities lost! Commenting, Liberal Democrat city councillor, and regular cyclist, Darren Fower said: “There appears now to be an almost personal dislike of cyclists by one or two leading figures at the Town Hall when it comes to planning and development of the city centre, which is bordering on the batty! “Obviously, people in Peterborough want to see improvements, as this surely is a natural return for the Council tax they pay? But, at a time when other areas of the city are in desperate need of[…]

Local @LibDems DEFEAT Labour to WIN @BrettonParish Council election!

Lib Dem FOCUS Team candidate and local residents Malcolm Pollock, defeated the Labour candidate to win the election for a seat on Bretton Parish Council, that took place on Thursday 7th February. After the count, the votes were announced as 185 to the Liberal Democrats and 156 for Labour. Ironically, the election had been called for and instigated by the local Labour Party, at a cost to local taxpayers, rather than wait until a more appropriate time. It was also notable that the Tories failed to put forward a candidate and fuels the belief that the area, is slipping away from their grasp, having seen South Bretton move from having[…]