Peterborough Town Hall

28% of councillors @PeterboroughCC are female and 22.81% have a beard or a moustache!

In 1998 Peterborough became autonomous of Cambridgeshire county council as a unitary authority; since that times control has changed from Labour to the Conservatives, and there’s been 16 Mayors, of which 81% of which have been Tory councillors! Now we all enjoy a stat or two and so below is an infograph for you to peruse and enjoy! Make up of Peterborough City Council | Create infographics

We’re looking 4 a candidate 2 stand in #Orton with #Hampton in May local elections! @Hampton_Gazette

If you’re someone who is fed up with seeing little or no action taken, on the community problems that matter to you and your neighbours, then maybe it’s time you stood for election to become a Councillor for the Orton and Hampton area? According to the 2011 Census data for the area, the total population for Orton and Hampton is 13,660, with 4,034 under the voting age of 18, leaving 9,626 people of voting age in the area! (To register your interest to become a City Councillor for the Orton and Hampton area, please CLICK HERE!) The defending councillor is a Tory lady called Sheila Scott OBE, who has been heavily criticised[…]

Q: Ever wondered what a video RE: #TORY Deputy Mayor of #Peterborough would be LIKE? Wonder NO MORE!

Despite being one of the most inexperienced City Councillors in the Town Hall chamber, Cllr Mohammed Nadeem was still chosen by the Tory regime to take up the position of deputy mayor for the present calendar year! Cllr Nadeem is also Managing Director at Nadeem Construction Limited – Check out the website and see if you recognize any of the development sites?

Walton Liberal Democrat councillor joins 20mph limit group!

Walton Liberal Democrat councillor Asif Shaheed is now part of a council group looking at introducing 20 mph speed limits across Peterborough’s residential areas. Ironically, three days prior to the first meeting, Asif became the victim of a “hit and run” incident when his car was hit while parked outside his house. The guilty driver did not stop and leave his details. “This incident only increases my ambition that the group should be successful in our quest. “There could have been someone crossing the road and the outcome could have been much more serious due to a driver’s lack of attention and care. And to not stop and admit their[…]

Q: Live in #Peterborough? Fancy a bit of volunteering with us OR EVEN becoming a City Councillor for YOUR area?

As a councillor, not only will you be making a genuine difference to the lives of the communities in which you work, you will also be taking on an incredibly rewarding and varied role. Alternatively, if you would simply like to give us some of your time, then we have a range of roles that would suit you! Interested? Simply fill in the form by CLICKING HERE!