Petition LAUNCHED to oppose Tory plans to BAN cycles from Bridge Street on a Sunday! @SustransPBoro

The Conservative controlled City Council in Peterborough have recently announced they are looking to extend the cycling ban along Bridge Street, in Peterborough City Centre. In their media release the Council talks about protecting pedestrians, with the Cabinet member for City Centre Management, stated that cyclists should “…..dismount and push their bikes along Bridge Street…….” In response, Liberal Democrat, Darren Fower has launched a campaign opposing the idea! Commenting, Liberal Democrat city councillor, Darren Fower, said: “I launched the campaign after being contacted by several local people, who said they could not see any sense in it? Some of them are cyclists, but some are not! “I must admit that,[…]

Ever wondered what out city might LOOK like if ALL our City Councillors cycled?

If you ever walk to the rear of the Town Hall, when a Full Council meeting is held, you’ll see a range of cars owned by elected members from a cross range of political parties. Some nice sports cars and one or two 4×4’s! Whilst the gesture that is the Green Wheel is a welcomed introduction to our city, secured as a result of a generous grant several years ago, the concept of seriously and effectively addressing the matter of realistic transport provision in Peterborough over the coming years, by the Tory controlled City Council, is equivalent to a scene from let’s say “Narnia!” Perhaps, if more of the Tory[…]