Peterborough Cycle way

Cereste cycling PR stunt backfires!

A report in the Peterborough Telegraph has shown how a PR stunt does not always resolve an issue! The article reported how Tory Council leader, Marco Cereste, who introduced the cycle ban extension along Bridge Street, despite clear opposition by local people and cycling organisations, had held a discussion on Twitter with a local cyclist about cycling in the city centre and then arranged a “fact-finding” city cycle ride with council officers. But after the stunt, the resident/cyclist himself was reported as saying: “The city is poor for cycling and it takes a lot to change attitudes. I think I got across that the kind of language Cllr Cereste uses is not helpful in[…]

Experts also say “Don’t ban cycling on a Sunday in Bridge Street!”

In an article published on the Peterborough Environment City Trusts website a statement from Sustrans reads: “Peterborough is taking positive steps to encourage cycling through the Travelchoice project, but we are worried that this could be undermined by not making adequate allowance for cyclists in and around the City Centre. Bridge Street is at the centre of the cycle network developed for the city and is an important link for hundreds of people who are cycling to work and school each day, or even just popping to the shops.” They point out that when the Development Corporation designed the City Cycle Network and removed car traffic from Bridge Street they[…]

Petition LAUNCHED to oppose Tory plans to BAN cycles from Bridge Street on a Sunday! @SustransPBoro

The Conservative controlled City Council in Peterborough have recently announced they are looking to extend the cycling ban along Bridge Street, in Peterborough City Centre. In their media release the Council talks about protecting pedestrians, with the Cabinet member for City Centre Management, stated that cyclists should “…..dismount and push their bikes along Bridge Street…….” In response, Liberal Democrat, Darren Fower has launched a campaign opposing the idea! Commenting, Liberal Democrat city councillor, Darren Fower, said: “I launched the campaign after being contacted by several local people, who said they could not see any sense in it? Some of them are cyclists, but some are not! “I must admit that,[…]

Nick Clegg calls for cycling journeys to be doubled by 2020 @SustransPBoro

Nick Clegg has announced that he wants to see the number of journeys made by bike more than doubled by 2020. Nick is calling for people to submit evidence of ways to help make this happen, which will be followed by a cycling summit to discuss ways in which the Government can help make it cheaper, easier and safer for people to cycle. Cycling currently represents a 2% share of journeys made across the UK and Nick wants people to come forward with ideas about what can be done to encourage more people to get on their bikes.  The creation of cycle highways, bike borrowing schemes and the teaching of[…]

#Tory #Council plans 2 remove even more cycle racks from the City Centre!!?? @SustransPBoro

As reported in the Peterborough Telegraph the Conservative controlled City Council has announced plans to “transform” Long Causeway which would see further bike parking facilities lost! Commenting, Liberal Democrat city councillor, and regular cyclist, Darren Fower said: “There appears now to be an almost personal dislike of cyclists by one or two leading figures at the Town Hall when it comes to planning and development of the city centre, which is bordering on the batty! “Obviously, people in Peterborough want to see improvements, as this surely is a natural return for the Council tax they pay? But, at a time when other areas of the city are in desperate need of[…]

WATCH: Travelchoice in Peterborough Cycling video! @pcctravelchoice

“Cycling is a cheap, affordable and healthy way to travel. In this section you will find all the related information about cycling in the city.” – TravelChoice We could not agree more – but we also recognise that far too few members of the Tory controlled city council who COULD cycle more – DO NOT BOTHER!? Pop to the back of the Town Hall prior to the next FULL COUNCIL meeting and check out the number who get out of their large and expensive cars! Check out

Ever wondered what out city might LOOK like if ALL our City Councillors cycled?

If you ever walk to the rear of the Town Hall, when a Full Council meeting is held, you’ll see a range of cars owned by elected members from a cross range of political parties. Some nice sports cars and one or two 4×4’s! Whilst the gesture that is the Green Wheel is a welcomed introduction to our city, secured as a result of a generous grant several years ago, the concept of seriously and effectively addressing the matter of realistic transport provision in Peterborough over the coming years, by the Tory controlled City Council, is equivalent to a scene from let’s say “Narnia!” Perhaps, if more of the Tory[…]

Council’s cycle-ways deserve better and MORE attention!

It’s great that you can now get a copy of the cycle maps for FREE from the City Council – when previously people were expected to pay a pound or two, for trying to improve their own health and local environment ……..but it’s not so good when it comes to the ongoing standard of maintenance and improving of cycle ways throughout the city! Regular cyclists and local Lib Dem city councillor, Darren Fower said: “My general route takes me from the north of the city into the city centre, and there’s not a week that goes by when the cycle way, at some stage is covered by glass, dog dirt[…]

Petition to Peterborough City Council: “Introduce a dedicated cycle lane along Bridge Street”

Peterborough City Council claims it wants more people to cycle, yet the Leader, Marco Cereste says people DO NOT WANT a cycle lane along Bridge Street? The petition has been led by Lib Dem city councillor, Darren Fower who said: “A cycle lane WOULD increase safety, enable continuous cycling, allow police to concentrate on more pressing matters, remove the need for silly signs and prove Peterborough can emulate other leading cities in the UK who have managed to integrate cycle lanes throughout their centres.” Add your name to the petition – CLICK HERE!”