Schoolboy learning

A “..weak commitment from David Cameron and the Conservatives..” – FOWER

A Conservative majority government would slash funding for pre-school and higher education by more than £3.1bn a year, by 2020, Liberal Democrat research reveals. The Prime Minister has said that his party would freeze per pupil funding at state schools in England over the course of the next Parliament, a cut in real terms. The Conservatives would not maintain the early years education budget or the Department for Education‘s 16-19 education budget. Conservative Government would need to slash £0.9bn a year from pre-school education and £2.2bn a year from 16-19 education by 2020. Also raises questions over the future of the £2.5bn Pupil Premium, which is money targeted at the[…]

Council plans to develop “School to School partnerships”

Peterborough City Council working towards introducing a school to school partnership programme! Q: What does that mean then? Answer: In November 2010, the Department for Education published the schools White Paper ‘The Importance of Teaching’, which set out a radical reform programme for the schools system. Included in this piece of legislation was the [strong] inference that schools would be freed from the constraints of central Government direction and teachers placed firmly at the heart of school improvement. Earlier this year a conference was held with headteachers, at which debate took place about school support models and the future of Local Authority Education Services. At the event presentations were also[…]