Our 5 Prioirites For The Next 5 Years!

Olly Grender, Liberal Democrat Deputy Chair of the General Election Committee, outlines the party’s five priorities for the next five years. These are: Balancing the budget and investing in a high skill low carbon economy. Cutting income tax by an additional £400 by raising the tax free allowance to £12,500. Investing £8bn a year in the NHS by 2020 and ending the stigma around mental health. Protecting the education budget from cradle to college. Protecting our environment and fighting climate change with Five Green Laws. What do YOU think? please leave a comment below!

School Class Room

Tories wanted to slash the schools budget!

Did you know that the Conservatives wanted to slash the schools budget on entering office in 2010? In government, Liberal Democrats refused such plans and have fought to protect the education budget. The Conservative assumption in 2010 was for a cash freeze in the schools budget – a whopping 10% cut in real terms over the course of the Parliament. Liberal Democrats insisted on properly protecting the schools budget and getting real terms increases year on year. Photographed briefing documents and a stated mission to make deeper cuts than necessary can only lead to the conclusion that the Tories plan to make deep cuts in education. Peterborough Liberal Democrat’s candidate[…]