“WE FEEL TRAPPED IN OUR OWN HOMES” UPDATE  You may have seen my previous blog posts where Residents of Cleveland Court and The Pentlands Residents were seeing significant issues during school times; along with many other residents in Gunthorpe/Werrington and Peterborough. For the full blog post click here. RECAP As you all probably already know, I have been working closely with the Local Primary Schools to try and help tackle/ease the ongoing parking issues we have during Pickup and Drop Off times. After various Facebook Posts and Blog Posts (Click to Remind Yourself) I had been contacted by various residents of both of these streets and many others . The Residents[…]


SCHOOL PARKING UPDATE.  Have you seen the work I have been doing with the local primary schools? If you have that’s FANTASTIC! If you haven’t…it’s not the end of the world…you can update yourself by having a search through my blog or my facebook page! WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? City Wide we have an ongoing issue with Parking during school times. We have limited parking available for those parents/carers who are unable to walk their children to school. I have been working with Gunthorpe Primary School, Welbourne Primary School and last but not least Norwood Primary School to try and tackle these issues since November 2016. Unfortunately some motorists deem it[…]

Parking Safety in Gunthorpe- Update

Norwood and Gunthorpe Primary School Recap: You may have seen my many recent Facebook posts and blog posts regarding Gunthorpe Primary School, Norwood Primary School and Welbourne Primary School. I started working with all three of these primary schools before Christmas; after I was contacted by many concerned parents/carers and residents. Concerns were raised over many factors but primarily and most importantly the SAFETY of the CHILDREN.  (To update yourself click here) In one of my previous Blog Posts you may have seen that PCC had agreed to undertake assessments to assess whether further parking restrictions were needed and would be beneficial in the streets surrounding all three of the Primary[…]

Where do we stand when it comes to education?

People often ask us what we would do differently if Liberal Democrats were running the city council, here we turn our attention in this issue to education. So, what would we do? We would put more investment into education and make better use of the pupil premium – government cash which allows schools additional money for disadvantaged pupils. We would aim to raise ‘aspirations’ by showing the benefits of education. For example, we would invest in a major ‘careers fair’ to show that good, well-paid jobs are available to pupils from any background who work hard at school. We would make better use of buildings that the council already owns which could be used for educational purposes – such as the Central[…]

Ofsted Report says, #Peterborough “pupils attending a good or better primary school, is well below average.”

Ofsted, the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills, have now published their latest Local authority school improvement inspection report for Peterborough. The Tory controlled City Council are focusing, unsurprisingly, on the report’s mention that attempts for improvement in Peterborough are considered as being “effective”, BUT, what they are neglecting to address publicly is the heavy criticism made in relation to most of the actual targets and standards that pupils should be reaching or receiving. For example, inspectors pointed out that whilst the local authority had some “ambitious” plans to improve standards, “..the extent to which each school must contribute ….is not spelled out clearly and specifically in the council’s strategic[…]

#Peterborough Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 to get free school meals! @LibDems

It’s been confirmed in recent days that the government will give all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 free school meals. “The deputy prime minister has announced primary schools in England will get an extra £150m for new kitchens and dining rooms, to cope with the roll-out of free meals for infant pupils next year.” What are YOUR thoughts? Plz leave a comment below!

“DfE are going rogue.” say #Liberal #Democrats @educationgovuk

According to a BBC report – “The Liberal Democrats have accused the Department for Education of “going rogue” by briefing against Nick Clegg.” The claim comes after Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg announced millions of required £’s to help schools throughout the country, but, afterwards an education official told newspapers this was not the case! A senior Lib Dem spokesman launched an attack on the Whitehall department, telling the BBC: “The DfE should stop whining and deliver. The DfE are going rogue. This has been agreed at the highest levels of government. It has been agreed by the chancellor.” Read the full article HERE!  

Local LIB DEM councillor Darren joins school group

  Local Lib Dem city councillor Darren Fower (above) has joined a special new council committee set up to look at educational outcomes for local young people. Of 57 councillors at the Town Hall, only four have been chosen for this new group. Darren said: “The aim is to have a high standard of scrutiny of the education service during a period of significant change in the role of the local authority. “Under this Tory council, we have seen schools closed, class sizes increase and schools leaving the local authority to become academies. There are a lot more changes to come, some of which will be bad news for local[…]