Are there any limits on council tax increases?

In 2012, the government introduced a rule which means that any proposal to increase council tax by 2% For the first three years, councils were given a further incentive to avoid council tax rises all together. The government gave “freeze grants” to councils that didn’t impose any increase – worth the equivalent of a 1% tax rise each year. Those grants have now come to an end. However a higher figure of 5%, before a referendum is triggered, has become a factor this time round because of the introduction of the social care precept. And this could see a increase every year up to and including the financial year 2019-2020[…]

Are you experiencing Anxiety, feeling Alone

 Are you struggling with Christmas, tomorrow for the majority of people, is all about gathering of families, friends,enjoying each others company even watching the Queens speech on Xmas Day. But for some this is so far from the Truth, Please be mindful of those who are on there own, and for those who are troubled, with worry and wishing this time of year was not happening. Are you wanting to hide away from people,do you feel like you cant get out of bed, or the arm chair are you feeling stressed, and frustrated, feeling that everything is too much or you cant cope. Is there someone elderly living close by[…]