3 reasons why I’ll be voting to remain! #StrongerIn #InTogether

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the EU referendum, and quite rightly, there’s opinion on both sides of the campaign, but I just wanted to make sure that I made it puibllicly clear that I myself will definitely be voting to REMAIN, and here’s three reasons why: New citizens a.k.a migration, people from EU or non EU countries, or even from other parts of the UK for that matter, have enabled Peterborough City Council to collect record levels of Council Tax receipts, to spend on their services and reduce the impact of Tory Government budget cuts, given us record levels of employment in our city, providing qualified staff[…]

Chairman calls for Lib Dem members to help with Council Elections 2016

We are currently looking for Lib Dem volunteers to put themselves forward as ‘paper’ candidates in this year’s council elections. These are for non target wards currently but the number of votes that we get will determine which wards to target in subsequent elections. Please consider standing for this as it is vital for the future progression of the Local Party. Please complete the form and return to Beki, our local secretary, at 21 Princes St PE1 2QP or rlsellick@hotmail.com before Saturday 16th January . We will then follow up with a quick chat on Wednesday 20th January. 2016 candidate application form

This opportunity cannot be hijacked – @Nick_Clegg

The last few days have provided a once in a generation opportunity to rewire British politics for good, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg writes: Within hours of the momentous decision by the Scottish people to remain in the UK, Westminster found itself once again bogged down in conventional party political point scoring. I have seen for myself the way in which the vested interests in the two old parties can conspire to block reform – scuppering elections to the House of Lords and a clean up of party funding in recent years. We cannot allow an exciting new chapter of empowerment and constitutional renewal to be held hostage[…]

More done in last 5 than previous 40 years! Claims Cereste!

Did you get to hear the interview with Cllr Marco Cereste on BBC Radio Cambs directly after the 2014 local election results? It was certainly interesting, as he admitted to speaking with certain “other” councillors about enabling him to maintain his position as leader of the City Council – but which opposition councillors? – CERTAINLY none of the Lib Dems! He also went on to make one of his classic claims, stating “Me, as leader of the Council, have done more in the last 5 years in our city then has happened in the last 40 years in our city!” – Doesn’t say much for the 5+ years prior to his[…]

Ask yourself a question: If we don’t act’ who will?

Q: Do you really want UKIP to win the elections on May 22nd? The Liberal Democrats are the only party not afraid to stand up to UKIP. If you don’t like what they have to say, stand with us! Don’t believe us? Watch the video below!

We’re looking 4 a candidate 2 stand in #Orton with #Hampton in May local elections! @Hampton_Gazette

If you’re someone who is fed up with seeing little or no action taken, on the community problems that matter to you and your neighbours, then maybe it’s time you stood for election to become a Councillor for the Orton and Hampton area? According to the 2011 Census data for the area, the total population for Orton and Hampton is 13,660, with 4,034 under the voting age of 18, leaving 9,626 people of voting age in the area! (To register your interest to become a City Councillor for the Orton and Hampton area, please CLICK HERE!) The defending councillor is a Tory lady called Sheila Scott OBE, who has been heavily criticised[…]

Euro candidates launch election campaign with strong message on Europe #whyIamIN @LibDemMEPs

Top Euro Candidates lined up at the recent Liberal Democrat Spring Conference in York to launch their campaign for the forthcoming elections with a strong message “we are fighting to stay in Europe for a stronger economy”. Eastern Region Liberal Democrat MEP Andrew Duff was joined by South Cambridgeshire MEP candidate Belinda Brooks-Gordon. Belinda, a Girton resident and ex-County councillor for Cambridgeshire, is joined at the top of the Euro list, by barrister Jo Hayes, from Colchester, Essex. Belinda said: “We Liberal Democrats want Britain to stay in the EU because we are fighting for a stronger economy. “Millions of British jobs are linked to our trade in with the[…]