St George’s Community Hydrotherapy Pool

St Georges Community Hydrotherapy Pool  Back in December I was lucky enough to be asked to visit St George’s Community Hydrotherapy Pool by the lovely Karen Oldale. I of course graciously accepted this invitation. Upon my visit, I invited a fellow Liberal Democrat to accompany me. Although I had family members that had made use of the pool through their careers; I hadn’t visited myself before. When we arrived we were very warmly welcomed by the whole team and were provided with Lovely Blue Shoe Covers (Ha Ha). We were then taken on a tour by the Lovely Robert and Karen who explained the ins and outs of the pool![…]

Curbing Graffiti Issues

Graffiti is an issue City Wide but it is becoming a BIG ISSUE in our ward (Gunthorpe). Most of the electric boxes now have Graffiti.. Most of the Graffiti is untasteful and includes the use of Crude language. Not only does this look unappealing; it’s terrible that everyone (especially Children) are having to be exposed to that kind of language. This is Vandalism…not ART. Although I have reported every case I have come across to Peterborough City Council  and they are removing what they can… it is SADLY never too long before the Graffiti reappears. I have since been approached by individuals in our Local Community who have suggested that[…]

Energy Act could be boost for Peterborough

The Energy Act, pushed through Parliament by Liberal Democrat Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey, received Royal Assent just before Christmas. The package of measures put in place by the law will support the creation of 200,000 jobs in the renewable energy sector including wind, solar and biomass. The act provides investors and industry with the confidence they need to invest in the energy sector and places a legal obligation on British governments to ensure the UK’s energy generating capacity is maintained while at the same time reducing emissions. As the UK’s aspiring ‘environment capital’, Peterborough should be well-placed to take advantage of this investment if our Tory-controlled city[…]

WATCH: Travelchoice in Peterborough Cycling video! @pcctravelchoice

“Cycling is a cheap, affordable and healthy way to travel. In this section you will find all the related information about cycling in the city.” – TravelChoice We could not agree more – but we also recognise that far too few members of the Tory controlled city council who COULD cycle more – DO NOT BOTHER!? Pop to the back of the Town Hall prior to the next FULL COUNCIL meeting and check out the number who get out of their large and expensive cars! Check out