Local Lib Dems will stand up for EU nationals in Peterborough!

It is important to remember that the EU was created to end centuries of war in Europe and bring prosperity to all European countries …. of course, there is still much work to do! It is becoming ever more clear that Theresa May is willing to scrap a free trade deal with the rest of Europe in order to pander to UKIP and the far-right of her own party. Nobody knows what Brexit will look like. The choices Theresa May will make will affect Peterborough and our country for decades – that’s your job, your weekly shop, your environment, your safety, where you can travel to and where you can[…]

3 reasons why I’ll be voting to remain! #StrongerIn #InTogether

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the EU referendum, and quite rightly, there’s opinion on both sides of the campaign, but I just wanted to make sure that I made it puibllicly clear that I myself will definitely be voting to REMAIN, and here’s three reasons why: New citizens a.k.a migration, people from EU or non EU countries, or even from other parts of the UK for that matter, have enabled Peterborough City Council to collect record levels of Council Tax receipts, to spend on their services and reduce the impact of Tory Government budget cuts, given us record levels of employment in our city, providing qualified staff[…]

Takedown Of a UKIP Supporter – LISTEN! #Effortless

Even when we hear that one of their people has called for the voting franchise to be reduced or when we discover they have one of the worst records on LGBT rights in the European Parliament, UKIP never seem to surprise us these days with what they’ll say or do! But in all seriousness, where are their actual policies and what do they actually stand for?  To listen to the interview simply press the play button and feel free to leave a comment below. listen to ‘What Do Ukip Stand For? James O’Brien’s Takedown Of This Supporter Is Effortless’ on audioBoom

Why we should be IN Europe – to protect British jobs! #WhyIamIN

ggggg Liberal Democrats want Britain to stay in the EU because we are fighting for a stronger economy – fighting to defend millions of British jobs are linked to our trade with the EU, and being in Europe gives us more strength when negotiating trade deals with global players like the US, China, India and Brazil. We are the party of in – In Europe, In Work. Liberal Democrats are working to defend millions of British jobs, create millions more and put thousands of pounds back in your pocket by making it easier for British companies to export and slashing red tape for small businesses. The Conservatives are now openly flirting with exit. And the[…]

Local Lib Dems are ONLY party campaigning to keep Britain IN Europe! @OP_Peterborough #WhyIamIN

Peterborough Liberal Democrats WILL be the ONLY party during this year’s May elections fighting for thousands of local jobs in the area that benefit from being part of EU and ensuring the millions of pounds given to the city continues, to benefit Peterborough people! Commenting, local LIB DEM councillor Darren Fower said: “The warning is simple! If UKIP wins and takes us out of Europe, it would wreck the recovery and risk 3 million British jobs! “The local Conservatives, despite removing the EU flag from the Council chamber a couple of years ago are happy to receive the millions of pounds they get to help them provide services and schemes[…]

Euro candidates launch election campaign with strong message on Europe #whyIamIN @LibDemMEPs

Top Euro Candidates lined up at the recent Liberal Democrat Spring Conference in York to launch their campaign for the forthcoming elections with a strong message “we are fighting to stay in Europe for a stronger economy”. Eastern Region Liberal Democrat MEP Andrew Duff was joined by South Cambridgeshire MEP candidate Belinda Brooks-Gordon. Belinda, a Girton resident and ex-County councillor for Cambridgeshire, is joined at the top of the Euro list, by barrister Jo Hayes, from Colchester, Essex. Belinda said: “We Liberal Democrats want Britain to stay in the EU because we are fighting for a stronger economy. “Millions of British jobs are linked to our trade in with the[…]