“WE FEEL TRAPPED IN OUR OWN HOMES” UPDATE  You may have seen my previous blog posts where Residents of Cleveland Court and The Pentlands Residents were seeing significant issues during school times; along with many other residents in Gunthorpe/Werrington and Peterborough. For the full blog post click here. RECAP As you all probably already know, I have been working closely with the Local Primary Schools to try and help tackle/ease the ongoing parking issues we have during Pickup and Drop Off times. After various Facebook Posts and Blog Posts (Click to Remind Yourself) I had been contacted by various residents of both of these streets and many others . The Residents[…]

Parking Safety in Gunthorpe- Update

Norwood and Gunthorpe Primary School Recap: You may have seen my many recent Facebook posts and blog posts regarding Gunthorpe Primary School, Norwood Primary School and Welbourne Primary School. I started working with all three of these primary schools before Christmas; after I was contacted by many concerned parents/carers and residents. Concerns were raised over many factors but primarily and most importantly the SAFETY of the CHILDREN.  (To update yourself click here) In one of my previous Blog Posts you may have seen that PCC had agreed to undertake assessments to assess whether further parking restrictions were needed and would be beneficial in the streets surrounding all three of the Primary[…]

Vandalism in Peterborough

You may have seen Peterborough Today’s recent articles regarding the extreme Vandalism at Ferry Meadows.  Sadly over the past few days there has been vandalism to the Children’s Play Areas, Trees and Memorial Benches at Ferry Meadows in Peterborough. The Vandals carried this during the evening and it has been reported whomever carried this out; did so with a saw. It deeply saddens me that such thing is happening in Peterborough. I’m sure that many Peterborians have visited Ferry Meadows and probably have many happy childhood memories there. I can speak for myself, my friends and my family when I say I do. It is absolutely appalling that anyone could deem[…]

Cllr Darren Fower and local residents

Cllr Fower’s Facebook page – “… growing nicely!”

Peterborough Liberal Democrat’s parliamentary candidate for the 2015 General Election, Darren Fower, is inviting local residents who use Facebook, to LIKE his page and leave a comment! Darren’s page – facebook.com/CllrDarrenFower – already has nearly 1500 LIKES and has plenty of videos and images for fans to enjoy. Commenting, Darren said: “The page has been growing nicely and was originally aimed just at residents in South Werrington and North Gunthorpe. But with so many other people throughout the city wanting to have their say on a variety of issues and concerns, I’m now getting NEW likes from people around the whole of Peterborough. “The page is a great place for[…]

“Stressful” Council staff surveyed for their thoughts

This week, City Council employees received an email asking them to fill in the annual staff survey, with a message from Chief Executive, Gillian Beasley. In the message, Gillian said: “Few of you will need reminding from me that we are working through a particularly challenging time for local government. “In the face of the current cutbacks and general public sector austerity, all of us are being challenged to work harder and find more effective and efficient ways of doing things. “I am in no doubt that many of you find this stressful and may feel uncertain about what the future holds. There is no denying that things are difficult.”[…]

The winner of the best social media is………………….. us! :)

We’d like to congratulate local LIB DEMS who attended this years Liberal Democrat Spring Conference, and especially local councillor, Darren Fower, who collected the award for Best Social Media of the Year – Winner 2014, in York! Darren told us: “I’ve always considered connecting through contemporary modes of communication an essential part of local politics and representation. We were the first political party in Peterborough to create a dedicated website, we were the first political party to have a Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, Pinterest account, presence on LinkedIn etc. I’ve also developed several successful on-line campaigns and sign up forms that have helped enable hundreds of local people[…]

Local Tories use Facebook to promote FALSE image of the City???

We’ve often thought and seen evidence that the Peterborough Conservatives are detached from the general consensus of Peterborough people – but even we had to smile with polite embarrassment when we were sent a link, by a resident, to the local Tory party Facebook page, which shows Cathedral Square ………….. not from this year ………….. but last year? Recently we’ve received a number of messages from some of you who think the standard of decorations in Peterborough City Centre, are, at best, rather below par this year? Remembering of course, that under the Tories, who’ve been “running” Peterborough City Council for over a decade, we’ve seen them spend taxpayers money[…]

Malcolm would LIKE you to LIKE the Bretton FOCUS Team #Facebook page!

As part of the Peterborough Liberal Democrats commitment to communication with the local electorate – at of course NO COST – we’d LIKE to remind people who live in either South Bretton or North Bretton to CLICK HERE and LIKE the Bretton Facebook page! “The page is great way for local residents to upload photos of any issues or concerns they may have regarding the local area, and as one of the admins of the page, Bretton Parish Councillor, Malcolm Pollock is happy to respond!” In early 2013 local resident, Malcolm (pictured) became the FIRST EVER Liberal Democrat parish Councillor, defeating Labour, and since then has built up a reputation for action[…]

Councillor emails being blocked by ‘by unseen hands’ ?????

A recent posting on, arguably Peterborough’s most popular blog the Peterborough Tribune reports that the ex-Tory  and now “independent” councillor for Bretton South has stated on his Facebook account that: “Be aware that attempts are being made to block ‘The Tribune’ from being circulated to all councillors. Strikes me that in a lot of cases the truth hurts.” Commenting on the claim, local Lib Dem councillor Darren Fower said: “There’s definitely been calls from certain Conservative councillors to have the emails from the Park Farm Blog halted, something I myself am completely opposed to – bottom line is, that I for one would prefer to decided what I receive and what[…]

Surgery change for South Werrington and North Gunthorpe ward

The local Liberal Democrat councillors Darren Fower and Julia Davidson who represent the South Werrington and North Gunthorpe electoral ward, have always held regular ‘ward surgeries’ at which you can come along for a chat about any local issues. No appointment is needed – just turn up! In the past, surgeries have always been held on Friday evenings. Now the ’mid month’ surgery has been moved to Saturday mornings in a bid to make it even more convenient for residents. Therefore from now on the surgey will take place between 9:00am to 10:00 am, every third Saturday each month at Brookside Methodist Church, Gunthorpe Road. PLUS! You can always contact Darren via[…]