Community Asset – St Georges Hydrotherapy Pool

‘St George’s Community Hydrotherapy Pool is an essential asset to Peterborough’s residents’, Simon Barkham said. I was invited to visit St Georges Hydrotherapy Pool in Park Ward (Dogsthorpe Road) Peterborough.  As soon as you arrive, it’s easy to see how loved and valued this venue is by so many people.  Everyone who was there had only the best of words to say about their experience and about the treatment they’d received by using the facilities and also about the staff too. Thomas Booker showed me around the facility and he too, had only good things to say from the perspective of an employee.  I could see that he and the people[…]

“We Feel Trapped In Our Own Homes” Says Peterborough Resident

Residents of Cleveland Court and The Pentlands Residents are seeing significant issues during school times; along with many other residents in Gunthorpe/Werrington and Peterborough. As you all probably already know, I have been working closely with the Local Primary Schools to try and help tackle/ease the ongoing parking issues we have during Pickup and Drop Off times. After various Facebook Posts and Blog Posts (Click to Remind Yourself) I had been contacted by various residents of both of these streets and many others . The Residents are sadly being made to feel ‘Trapped’ in their own homes and fear for their safety ( in the case of an emergency) during[…]

Parking Safety in Gunthorpe- Update

Norwood and Gunthorpe Primary School Recap: You may have seen my many recent Facebook posts and blog posts regarding Gunthorpe Primary School, Norwood Primary School and Welbourne Primary School. I started working with all three of these primary schools before Christmas; after I was contacted by many concerned parents/carers and residents. Concerns were raised over many factors but primarily and most importantly the SAFETY of the CHILDREN.  (To update yourself click here) In one of my previous Blog Posts you may have seen that PCC had agreed to undertake assessments to assess whether further parking restrictions were needed and would be beneficial in the streets surrounding all three of the Primary[…]

Vandalism in Peterborough

You may have seen Peterborough Today’s recent articles regarding the extreme Vandalism at Ferry Meadows.  Sadly over the past few days there has been vandalism to the Children’s Play Areas, Trees and Memorial Benches at Ferry Meadows in Peterborough. The Vandals carried this during the evening and it has been reported whomever carried this out; did so with a saw. It deeply saddens me that such thing is happening in Peterborough. I’m sure that many Peterborians have visited Ferry Meadows and probably have many happy childhood memories there. I can speak for myself, my friends and my family when I say I do. It is absolutely appalling that anyone could deem[…]

Local LIB DEM councillor Darren joins school group

  Local Lib Dem city councillor Darren Fower (above) has joined a special new council committee set up to look at educational outcomes for local young people. Of 57 councillors at the Town Hall, only four have been chosen for this new group. Darren said: “The aim is to have a high standard of scrutiny of the education service during a period of significant change in the role of the local authority. “Under this Tory council, we have seen schools closed, class sizes increase and schools leaving the local authority to become academies. There are a lot more changes to come, some of which will be bad news for local[…]

Walton Liberal Democrat councillor joins 20mph limit group!

Walton Liberal Democrat councillor Asif Shaheed is now part of a council group looking at introducing 20 mph speed limits across Peterborough’s residential areas. Ironically, three days prior to the first meeting, Asif became the victim of a “hit and run” incident when his car was hit while parked outside his house. The guilty driver did not stop and leave his details. “This incident only increases my ambition that the group should be successful in our quest. “There could have been someone crossing the road and the outcome could have been much more serious due to a driver’s lack of attention and care. And to not stop and admit their[…]

Fane Road tree cuts

Last year, the council put new street lights in Fane Road. The Walton FOCUS Team received complaints about the positioning of a few of the lights and it was pointed out that some were being put very close to trees. The guys in Walton predicted at the time that this would cause problems and now it has. Council contractor Enterprise wants to cut back some of the trees ….. to improve the lighting. Local Lib Dem councillor Nick Sandford said: “We are long overdue a proper survey of the trees in Fane Road and some pruning work is probably needed. “But to put lights so close to trees shows a[…]

Traffic danger in Walton

At a recent ‘ward surgery’ Local Lib Dem councillor Asif Shaheed was visited by local residents concerned about the dangerous actions of drivers and cyclists on Lincoln Road between Mountsteven Avenue and the Rhubarb Bridge roundabout. Firstly, cyclists are riding on the pavement on that stretch of road heading into town and, should someone be exiting from one of the properties situated along there, there is a real probability of serious injury. Asif said: “Could we ask all cyclists to either cycle on the road or use the designated cycle path on the other side of the dual carriageway?” Secondly, some drivers heading out of the city are actually performing[…]

Welcome for free meals in Peterborough

Local Lib Dem councillor Darren Fower has welcomed the news from Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg that all pupils at infant schools are to get free school lunches from September 2014. In addition, disadvantaged students at sixth form colleges and further education colleges will also be eligible for free school meals. Darren said: “Free school meals were one recommendation in The School Food Plan, which found that in experiments where all children had been given a free school dinner, students were academically months ahead of their peers. “Teaching healthy habits young, and boosting attainment early, will bring the biggest benefits. “Universal free school meals will help give every child the[…]

Walton FOCUS team support Hydrotherapy pool

Local Lib Dem councillor for the Walton ward, Asif Shaheed recently visited St. George’s Community Hydrotherapy Pool, having being contacted by local resident, Mrs Smeeton, about possible funding via the Community Leadership Fund. Asif said: “There are around 40 Walton residents who use the facility. It is also regularly used by local nurseries and schools. “Having witnessed first-hand the invaluable service that it provides, and because for some unknown reason it is not centrally funded, Walton’s other Lib Dem councillor Nick Sandford and I were happy to provide funding to help towardssecuring its future.”