In the @BoroLibDems we do things a little differently… @LibDems

At this time of year, you can get a lot of knocks on your door from party election canvassers. In the Peterborough Liberal Democrats we do things a little differently… we have this radical idea that councillors should keep in touch with people all the year round and not just at election time. We deliver Focus newsletters about once every six weeks and also seek people’s views through residents’ surveys. In recent weeks, there seem to have been two things on the minds of many residents: FIRSTLY: The Tory Brown Bin Tax, which is being introduced in around 30 days’ time and will involve people being forced to pay nearly[…]

Stop ‘the brown bin tax’ – say local LIB DEMS!

Lib Dem campaigners had members of the public running up to their stall in Cathedral Square on Saturday 1st March, as their petition to “Save our *free* Brown Bins” proved very popular. Even Peterborough residents without gardens who don’t use the brown bins, and those who could afford to pay the annual charge the Tory-led administration want to impose, still really want the Council to keep Free Brown Bins for everyone – they want to maximize composting of garden waste and to invest in our environment. Perversely, Peterborough City Council wants to save money on Brown bin collections in their Budget for 2014/15, but these so-called savings could disappear if the effect is that people put their compostable waste into their free Black bin instead – creating[…]

Tory Council backtracks “slightly” over Brown Bins collection plans!

Following residential concerns after the Tory controlled City Council announced that the garden waste collection service had “..been suspended for the longest ever time of more than three months…” – Peterborough Liberal Democrat City Councillors have now been informed that the Tory Cabinet Member for Culture, Recreation and Waste Management has backtracked ……….. slightly! According to the update from the Tories at the Town Hall, they NOW claim that there has been a “…..particularly late leaf fall this year…” and that as residents have “…raised [their] concerns..” and that they do “….not want to have full brown bins sitting outside their homes into the New Year…” so a decision has been made that means the brown[…]