Parking Safety in Gunthorpe- Update

Norwood and Gunthorpe Primary School Recap: You may have seen my many recent Facebook posts and blog posts regarding Gunthorpe Primary School, Norwood Primary School and Welbourne Primary School. I started working with all three of these primary schools before Christmas; after I was contacted by many concerned parents/carers and residents. Concerns were raised over many factors but primarily and most importantly the SAFETY of the CHILDREN.  (To update yourself click here) In one of my previous Blog Posts you may have seen that PCC had agreed to undertake assessments to assess whether further parking restrictions were needed and would be beneficial in the streets surrounding all three of the Primary[…]

Vandalism in Peterborough

You may have seen Peterborough Today’s recent articles regarding the extreme Vandalism at Ferry Meadows.  Sadly over the past few days there has been vandalism to the Children’s Play Areas, Trees and Memorial Benches at Ferry Meadows in Peterborough. The Vandals carried this during the evening and it has been reported whomever carried this out; did so with a saw. It deeply saddens me that such thing is happening in Peterborough. I’m sure that many Peterborians have visited Ferry Meadows and probably have many happy childhood memories there. I can speak for myself, my friends and my family when I say I do. It is absolutely appalling that anyone could deem[…]

Q: Ever wondered what a video RE: #TORY Deputy Mayor of #Peterborough would be LIKE? Wonder NO MORE!

Despite being one of the most inexperienced City Councillors in the Town Hall chamber, Cllr Mohammed Nadeem was still chosen by the Tory regime to take up the position of deputy mayor for the present calendar year! Cllr Nadeem is also Managing Director at Nadeem Construction Limited – Check out the website and see if you recognize any of the development sites?

#Peterborough MP’s tweets described as “Idiotic” by TV Celeb Doctor!

We recently asked whether or not people felt that the often controversial tweets from Peterborough’s Tory MP were worth reading? In response, TV Celeb Doctor and presenter of Embarrassing Bodies, Dr Christian Jessen responded: “Only to see how idiotic he can get!” Check out the Tweet by CLICKING HERE! What do YOU think? Plz leave a comment below!

“You can literally see the jobs in #Peterborough that have been created…” by the @LibDems

The recovery wouldn’t be happening without the Liberal Democrats delivering huge infrastructure projects like rolling out superfast broadband. In the next four years, 95% of homes will have access to superfast broadband. Have a look at the latest JOBS happening in Peterborough by simply CLICKING HERE!

Energy Act could be boost for Peterborough

The Energy Act, pushed through Parliament by Liberal Democrat Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey, received Royal Assent just before Christmas. The package of measures put in place by the law will support the creation of 200,000 jobs in the renewable energy sector including wind, solar and biomass. The act provides investors and industry with the confidence they need to invest in the energy sector and places a legal obligation on British governments to ensure the UK’s energy generating capacity is maintained while at the same time reducing emissions. As the UK’s aspiring ‘environment capital’, Peterborough should be well-placed to take advantage of this investment if our Tory-controlled city[…]

How would YOU improve @PeterboroughCC – Send us YOUR idea NOW!

Some local political parties seem to spend ALL their time arguing among themselves or making up what they stand for after reading a letter in the local newspapers letters page? Here at Peterborough Liberal Democrats, while we appreciate what our chaps and chappettes have achieved in Government to date, we believe that our FOCUS should ALWAYS be on Peterborough and how we can best represent the views of local residents, hence our team undertake regular Resident Survey’s, Ward Surgeries, On-Line interaction and have developed a clear local manifesto for the last two elections! NOW, we want to go ONE STEP FURTHER ……. by asking people, irrespective of their political persuasion,[…]

Did Park Ward playground politics BACK-FIRE on Labour councillor?

According to a recent report in the Peterborough Telegraph some local parents were “demanding an apology” after a photograph of their children was taken and used without their consent by Peterborough Conservative councillor John Peach, on a Tory Christmas card! The report said the card, which displayed a picture taken last February, had been delivered to hundreds of homes in the city. One of the parents was reported as saying, “We did not know anything about this and don’t want the image of our children to be used for Conservative propaganda. My children have been recognised by many people in the community who have now wrongly made the assumption that my[…]

#Tory Councillors STILL get thousands of extra £’s DESPITE rejecting an allowance rise! #PeterboroughCC

  Conservative controlled Peterborough City Council have announced that city councillors have rejected a proposal to raise their basic allowance payments by over £2,000! The proposal, put forward by the Independent Remuneration Panel, set up to make such decisions, to prevent City Councillors actually deciding how much they get paid, would have seen the basic allowance for city councillors rise from £7,165.95 to £9,300 per year. What many people do not realize HOWEVER, is that the salary of a City Councillor can vary by tens of thousands of pounds! As seen in the LATEST Member’s Allowances 2012/13 financial figures available within the Council’s website: The lowest paid councillors get a basis[…]

Tory in-house fighting continues! This time over HARD-FI performance in Central Park

Recently it was announced that well known music band Hard-Fi would be this year’s headline act for the Peterborough Festival and would therefore be performing on July 7th in Central Park! Subsequently, Enterprise Peterborough have just applied to the local authority to increase Central Park’s legal capacity limit to 14,999 – as interest in the event grows! Many people appear to think this event could prove a real success – but one local Tory ward councillor doesn’t agree! Claiming the organisation who own Central Park, “are being a little bit greedy.” As a result, loyal Tory puppy, and the MP for Peterborough has taken to his twitter account, to ask “Can Central Park accommodate 15000[…]