St George’s Community Hydrotherapy Pool

St Georges Community Hydrotherapy Pool  Back in December I was lucky enough to be asked to visit St George’s Community Hydrotherapy Pool by the lovely Karen Oldale. I of course graciously accepted this invitation. Upon my visit, I invited a fellow Liberal Democrat to accompany me. Although I had family members that had made use of the pool through their careers; I hadn’t visited myself before. When we arrived we were very warmly welcomed by the whole team and were provided with Lovely Blue Shoe Covers (Ha Ha). We were then taken on a tour by the Lovely Robert and Karen who explained the ins and outs of the pool![…]

Ambulance on a city street

Next @ATHENECOMMS debate – future of the NHS

With the general election taking place in May, people are beginning to weigh up all the options for where their vote will go. A BBC/Populus poll has recently suggested the NHS is the most important issue to be covered by the news ahead of the election. Never a company to sit on the sidelines, Athene Communications has organised a debate event (March 24) to discuss the controversial issue of the future of the NHS. This follows previous successful debates on press freedom (at the time of the Leveson Inquiry) and on Peterborough’s environmental aspirations in a time of austerity. The debate will take place on Tuesday 24th March at the[…]

Walton FOCUS team support Hydrotherapy pool

Local Lib Dem councillor for the Walton ward, Asif Shaheed recently visited St. George’s Community Hydrotherapy Pool, having being contacted by local resident, Mrs Smeeton, about possible funding via the Community Leadership Fund. Asif said: “There are around 40 Walton residents who use the facility. It is also regularly used by local nurseries and schools. “Having witnessed first-hand the invaluable service that it provides, and because for some unknown reason it is not centrally funded, Walton’s other Lib Dem councillor Nick Sandford and I were happy to provide funding to help towardssecuring its future.”