Community Asset – St Georges Hydrotherapy Pool

‘St George’s Community Hydrotherapy Pool is an essential asset to Peterborough’s residents’, Simon Barkham said. I was invited to visit St Georges Hydrotherapy Pool in Park Ward (Dogsthorpe Road) Peterborough.  As soon as you arrive, it’s easy to see how loved and valued this venue is by so many people.  Everyone who was there had only the best of words to say about their experience and about the treatment they’d received by using the facilities and also about the staff too. Thomas Booker showed me around the facility and he too, had only good things to say from the perspective of an employee.  I could see that he and the people[…]

Walton FOCUS team support Hydrotherapy pool

Local Lib Dem councillor for the Walton ward, Asif Shaheed recently visited St. George’s Community Hydrotherapy Pool, having being contacted by local resident, Mrs Smeeton, about possible funding via the Community Leadership Fund. Asif said: “There are around 40 Walton residents who use the facility. It is also regularly used by local nurseries and schools. “Having witnessed first-hand the invaluable service that it provides, and because for some unknown reason it is not centrally funded, Walton’s other Lib Dem councillor Nick Sandford and I were happy to provide funding to help towardssecuring its future.”