St Micheal’s Gate Eviction Going ahead Despite Petition

  Local resident Jelana Stevic is continuing to campaign on  behalf of her fellow residents of St Micheal’s Gate, Parnwell, despite collecting a Petition of over 500 signatures   and addressing this situation at a meeting at Full Council, the Conservative controlled council as decided to enforce the business model with Landlords Stef and Philips. Tenants now face being evicted and continued uncertainty on their future.   The local authority failed to even consider any other alternatives, on 19th October 2016 under this administration,  could have intervened and requested more time to consider its findings instead they rejected the Call in. A Homeless man gave us a explanation on how[…]

We will see the lease for St Michael’s Gate ……..

Following months of campaigning on the issue of St Micheal’s Gate,  Parnwell, i recently asked the council if i could see the unedited version of the lease signed with Stef and Philips in order to clarify the detail surrounding this lucrative scheme. At the most recent meeting at Full Council i again stood up and formerly requested that this document should be shared with me and my colleagues. I was assured by Senior Council Officers , that the information would be made available to me within a few days. After well over a week  this information has still not been provided. With that in mind myself and colleague paid a visit[…]