Walk out over stinking pay rises

Lib Dem city councillors walked out of the full council meeting tonight in protest at the massive rises in pay for some directors which have been forced through by the ruling Conservative administration. Group spokesman, Darren Fower, said: “This whole process stinks. People out there are outraged by this. We are told we can’’t influence these decisions tonight so we have no other option but show our feelings and those of local residents by leaving the council chamber.” Pay rises of up to 30% for some officers were voted through in secret at Employment Committee in February with the support of Conservative and Independent members. The Labour rep was absent[…]

Independent Group Leader attempts to separate himself from colleague Cllr Swift’s comments!

It seems that the majority of people in Peterborough are opposed to the Tory controlled City Council’s decision to award significant pay rises to a select few of senior council officers? It also seems that in relation to the issue, there’s now a divide amongst the self titled, Peterborough Independent Forum (PIF) political group on the Council, as their leader, Cllr Harrington, sent out a message to fellow councillors disassociating himself with recent comments made by fellow group member Cllr Swift, during a recent interview on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire. You can listen to the interview below! listen to ‘”We ARE in it altogether!” – Cllr Charles Swift’ on Audioboo After[…]

Recovery wouldn’t be happening without the Liberal Democrats in Government!

Commenting, local LIB DEM city councillor, Darren Fower said: “Forming the coalition has provided the country with the stable Government it needs to sort out Labour’s financial mess. Liberal Democrat policies are at the heart of the government’s economic plan that is delivering jobs and growth. “While there is still a lot more to do, we have ensured that growth is back, employment is rising, unemployment is falling and inflation is under control. “The Liberal Democrats are committed to building a stronger economy and a fairer society.” This Budget boosts fairness by: The Liberal Democrats have fought for rises in the amount of money that people can earn before paying[…]

Manning attacks wage division between management and lowest paid @Cambscc

Leading Liberal Democrat County Councillor, Ian Manning has accused councillors of dividing the council’s upper management and the lowest paid. His attack came after some councillors failed to support his bid to protect the authority’s lowest paid members of staff by making sure their wage scales kept pace with the highest. Cllr Manning, Lib Dem Spokesperson for Resources on Cambridgeshire County Council said the move created a clear division between upper management and those who are the backbone of front line services for residents. “Often those on the lowest wages provide vital council services, so they should not be made to feel undervalued compared to the most senior management,” he[…]

“Allow bosses to sack people with no questions asked!” – Good or Bad idea?

Lib Dems thought that this was a bad idea and it’s what WOULD have happened if the Liberal Democrats weren’t in Government! The Tories had plans to introduce a new rule allowing bosses to sack people with no questions asked. Commenting, local LIB DEM city councillor, Darren Fower said: “They said that making it easier to sack people this would help create jobs! Anyone can see that doesn’t make sense! “At a time when people are worried about jobs it would be crazy to increase everyone’s job insecurity when we need them to have more confidence. “That’s why Liberal Democrats blocked these plans.” Instead, Liberal Democrats in Government have helped[…]

Ofsted Report says, #Peterborough “pupils attending a good or better primary school, is well below average.”

Ofsted, the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills, have now published their latest Local authority school improvement inspection report for Peterborough. The Tory controlled City Council are focusing, unsurprisingly, on the report’s mention that attempts for improvement in Peterborough are considered as being “effective”, BUT, what they are neglecting to address publicly is the heavy criticism made in relation to most of the actual targets and standards that pupils should be reaching or receiving. For example, inspectors pointed out that whilst the local authority had some “ambitious” plans to improve standards, “..the extent to which each school must contribute ….is not spelled out clearly and specifically in the council’s strategic[…]

If YOU voted Lib Dem last time around, then it’s YOU that’s helped ensure the economy’s recovery! :)

A £700 tax cut for 24m people 1 million new jobs Doubled the energy from wind turbines £3.2bn put into growing businesses Just a few of the things that the Liberal Democrats have done to build a stronger economy. Without our (Lib Dem) lads and ladies, these would not have been delivered and the recovery would not be happening – FACT!

City Council agrees their tackling poverty strategy and action plan

With Peterborough ranked 71st most deprived local authority district out of a total of 326 nationally, the issue of deprivation is something that needs to be addressed in the city. Hopefully, this new strategy will start the ball rolling says, Lib Dem spokesperson, Cllr Darren Fower. Commenting, Darren said: “Poverty is a term often thought of as a dated, but for many people in Peterborough it is a real problem and one that has long been overlooked by the City Council as needed attention. Hopefully, this new strategy will start a serious ball rolling now in the coming years.” Now, following a recent scrutiny committee meeting it has been agreed that[…]

Councillor emails being blocked by ‘by unseen hands’ ?????

A recent posting on, arguably Peterborough’s most popular blog the Peterborough Tribune reports that the ex-Tory  and now “independent” councillor for Bretton South has stated on his Facebook account that: “Be aware that attempts are being made to block ‘The Tribune’ from being circulated to all councillors. Strikes me that in a lot of cases the truth hurts.” Commenting on the claim, local Lib Dem councillor Darren Fower said: “There’s definitely been calls from certain Conservative councillors to have the emails from the Park Farm Blog halted, something I myself am completely opposed to – bottom line is, that I for one would prefer to decided what I receive and what[…]

Fane Road tree cuts

Last year, the council put new street lights in Fane Road. The Walton FOCUS Team received complaints about the positioning of a few of the lights and it was pointed out that some were being put very close to trees. The guys in Walton predicted at the time that this would cause problems and now it has. Council contractor Enterprise wants to cut back some of the trees ….. to improve the lighting. Local Lib Dem councillor Nick Sandford said: “We are long overdue a proper survey of the trees in Fane Road and some pruning work is probably needed. “But to put lights so close to trees shows a[…]