The Green Book: New Directions for Liberals in Government

Leading Lib Dems call for policies to attract green minded voters

This document, talks about how to increase living standards, improve quality of life and future-proof the economy, lays out a comprehensive set of proposals for the policies the Liberal Democrats should look to adopt and campaign on to retain and increase support among green-minded voters. Containing over 150 detailed proposals, the authors identify three big outcomes from the ‘green growth’ approach: a better economy, for all – low carbon, resource efficient and high skill, with a better balance between industry sectors and regions of the country and with government planning for the long term; a ‘war on waste’ – to lower costs for householders, businesses and consumers and generate greater business efficiency; better places to live – with[…]

Well done to ALL our candidates! Here’s our election digest ……..

There’s a lot of talk in the media about UKIP after the 2014 local elections in Peterborough, after they managed to get 3 councillors elected.  BUT, you might like to know that the we managed to get two city councillors elected and also stood in several other wards around the city. We received a total of 2396 votes from people in Peterborough. The average vote received by Liberal Democrat candidates was 400 votes. Our highest amount of votes received for a canddiate was Darren Fower in Werrington South, who got 1174 votes. We got councillors elected to Werrington South and Walton. Our council group is bigger than the Liberals and[…]