Hackney Cab & Private Hire

ALL Drivers are issued with a badge which must be worn at all times when carrying out their duties, New Hackney and Private Hire must have: A valid driving licence Be a fit and proper person Compliant and understand the relevant laws Have a good knowledge of the Peterborough area with a good standard of driving. Ensure that their passengers are are travelling safely Critical Failure Have a health Check A requirement to display information within all licensed vehicles Introduction of three stage trigger point monitoring system for drivers. DBS   Currently, if a vehicle of the appointed age (Hackney carriage 12 years, Private hire 8 years) fails a mechanical[…]

Peterborough Pubs

Temporary extension to local pubs licenses costs just £21

Pubs, bars and clubs in Peterborough are being advised to make sure they are correctly licensed for Christmas Eve and New Year‘s Eve, the City Council are warning. As both dates fall on Wednesdays this year, businesses must apply for an extension of their license if it does not currently permit them to serve customers beyond their normal weekday opening times on the two days. According to Officers at the Town Hall, “Peterborough City Council is aware there are a number of premises in the city that do not currently have permission to open later on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, which are traditionally busy occasions for night spots.”[…]