No comment from Labour candidate after local activist jailed for breaching sexual offences!

The local Labour parliamentary candidate has come under some criticism, in an article by the Peterborough Telegraph The article relates to the news that Andrew Palmer (52), a Peterborough Labour Party election agent, who has been jailed for 20 months, for breaching a sexual offences prevention order and a community order, and had twice spent time behind bars for possessing indecent images of children. But the paper went on to question why the local Labour Party’s parliamentary candidate for Peterborough, was declining to talk about the role played by Andrew Palmer in city politics, including suggestions that he led her own selection campaign. In the article the Telegraph, stated: “Despite repeated telephone calls, voice mail[…]

Peterborough Labour Party in disarray …….. and it could get worse!

Ahead of the local elections this year, Peterborough’s Labour Party talked about taking control of the Council from the Tories! Since then, there’s been quite a bit happening within the trenches of the Peterborough Labour party! Such as ……….. Just one day after the elections, the Labour candidate, who just missed out on deposing at least ONE Tory councillor from the safest conservative seat in the City, wrote on his blog, that the electoral failure “..lay at the door of the local leadership and specifically at the door of Group Leader Nazim Khan is serious organisational failings.” Citing the “fiasco over Executive Pay, where the Group Leader wasn’t present at the meeting[…]

Labour leader Khan, heavily criticised by West Ward candidate!

Will Cllr Nazim Khan, present Labour Party group leader on Peterborough City Council, now face a leadership challenge? It’s looking likely, after one of their party’s more successful candidates, in this year’s local elections, Darrell Goodliffe, publicly criticised him on his local blog! Mr Goodliffe, who has built up a positive reputation amongst people outside of the Peterborough Labour Party, just missed out on being elected in this year’s local elections, standing in West Ward and receiving 1050 votes. However, posting the next day on his blog, under the header “Labour’s two-steps back….” Mr Goodliffe made the following statements: “Labour as a Party has been content to rest on its laurels and[…]