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Tories wanted to slash the schools budget!

Did you know that the Conservatives wanted to slash the schools budget on entering office in 2010? In government, Liberal Democrats refused such plans and have fought to protect the education budget. The Conservative assumption in 2010 was for a cash freeze in the schools budget – a whopping 10% cut in real terms over the course of the Parliament. Liberal Democrats insisted on properly protecting the schools budget and getting real terms increases year on year. Photographed briefing documents and a stated mission to make deeper cuts than necessary can only lead to the conclusion that the Tories plan to make deep cuts in education. Peterborough Liberal Democrat’s candidate[…]

Would YOU like to become a City Councillor?

The Liberal Democrats have a strong and proud tradition in local government. For the Peterborough Liberal Democrats, local government is key – localism, community politics, and a real commitment to devolved power are all hallmarks of the Liberal Democrat approach. We pride ourselves on working hard “all year round, not just at election time”. If you’d LIKE to register YOUR interest in becoming a local city councillor for your area please CLICK HERE! “Every month, Liberal Democrats in Peterborough knock on hundreds of doors, deliver Focus leaflets, attend community meetings, and speak to residents to find out what local issues people really care about and how we can help them[…]

“Stressful” Council staff surveyed for their thoughts

This week, City Council employees received an email asking them to fill in the annual staff survey, with a message from Chief Executive, Gillian Beasley. In the message, Gillian said: “Few of you will need reminding from me that we are working through a particularly challenging time for local government. “In the face of the current cutbacks and general public sector austerity, all of us are being challenged to work harder and find more effective and efficient ways of doing things. “I am in no doubt that many of you find this stressful and may feel uncertain about what the future holds. There is no denying that things are difficult.”[…]