Lib Dems in Government have helped create over 1 million new jobs! @CambsChamber

The Liberal Democrats in Government have helped create over 1 million new jobs and 1.5 million apprenticeships since 2010. We’ve done this by: Putting £5.5 billion extra into hi-tech manufacturing, science and renewable energy. Creating a £3.2 billion Regional Growth Fund to help fund growing businesses. Using £15.3 billion to improve Britain’s roads, railways and housing. Now we’re campaigning to create A Million More Jobs. How many jobs have we created in your area? Click here to find out.

If YOU voted Lib Dem last time around, then it’s YOU that’s helped ensure the economy’s recovery! :)

A £700 tax cut for 24m people 1 million new jobs Doubled the energy from wind turbines £3.2bn put into growing businesses Just a few of the things that the Liberal Democrats have done to build a stronger economy. Without our (Lib Dem) lads and ladies, these would not have been delivered and the recovery would not be happening – FACT!