Pyramid Centre to be Sold

The site in North Bretton consists of six commercial retail units, a pub and a car park, and one of the tenants is Bretton Parish Council which has an office there. It was due to be sold before March 2018 but this date has now been brought forward The council said it was not prepared to commit to the necessary reinvestment of the site, and that on expiry of the existing leases “there is no guarantee too that the council will be able to re-let.” The council said the expected sale price of between £250,000 and £500,000 will be reinvested in public services. That remains to be seen other historical[…]

Tory COUNCILLOR wins WEST WARD by 16 votes, then goes on HOLIDAY!

Despite only beating the LABOUR candidate by a mere 13 votes, Tory “Leggit from North Bretton” councillor Wayne Fitzgerald, headed (just days after the close fought local election) on holiday, instead of attending what some believe to be, one of the most important Annual Council Meetings of the past few years! The Annual Council meeting this month saw an attempt by the the so-called Independent Group (which includes Cllr Fletcher, who once stood up and shouted at Cllr Marco Cereste, “I’m more of a Conservative than you!”) – to put forward a motion calling for a new administration …………. of which the leader would be the councillor who put forward the motion!! Ironically,[…]

Malcolm would LIKE you to LIKE the Bretton FOCUS Team #Facebook page!

As part of the Peterborough Liberal Democrats commitment to communication with the local electorate – at of course NO COST – we’d LIKE to remind people who live in either South Bretton or North Bretton to CLICK HERE and LIKE the Bretton Facebook page! “The page is great way for local residents to upload photos of any issues or concerns they may have regarding the local area, and as one of the admins of the page, Bretton Parish Councillor, Malcolm Pollock is happy to respond!” In early 2013 local resident, Malcolm (pictured) became the FIRST EVER Liberal Democrat parish Councillor, defeating Labour, and since then has built up a reputation for action[…]