Mayor-JA embarrassment over selecting next deputy mayor of Peterborough City Council?

Sources at the Town Hall, tell us that there’s been a bit of an embarrassing rumour circulating the corridoors of Peterborough City Council, after the latest Tory Mayor elect (Cllr David Over) for 2014/15, decided to make a decision on who should be his deputy! The alleged story goes a little something like this……. Cllr Bella Saltmarsh (Liberal, Dogsthorpe) received notification that Cllr Over was happy for her to become his Deputy Mayor for 2014/15. Momentarily delighted, Cllr Saltmarsh then discovered she’d received the informal invite, ONLY after Cllr (Mrs) Fox (PIF, North Werrington) had earlier declined the invitation to become Deputy Mayor! That said, it didn’t REALLY matter! In the end,[…]

BRAND new #FOCUS Facebook page for residents of North Werrington

Local residents living in the North Werrington area of Peterborough  can now enjoy the benefits of dedicated Peterborough Liberal Democrat FOCUS Team Facebook page! Following on from the launch of similar pages for neighbouring areas of Werrington South and Walton, local people in North Werrington can now highlight their concerns by sharing a posting or showcase an issue by uploading an image to the page while out and about either byusing their smart phone or home computer. The page is monitored by a new group of local residents who live in the electoral ward, who’ll ensure postings are either passed onto the city council or provide an answer right away or discuss the matter on line. To[…]